Favorite melting cheeses

This article was originally published in June 2012

What could top the satisfaction of a perfectly grilled burger? A perfect layer of cheesy goodness nestled between patty and bun, of course! From our favorite basic cheddar to more decadent options (cave-aged Gruyere, anyone?), we’ll help you find your match made in heaven.


If you prefer intense flavor

Try blue cheese.

Layer on a slice of Danish blue, English Stilton or Long Clawson Huntsman (a pleasing blend of blue and cheddar), or work your favorite crumbled blue into burger patties before cooking.


If you prefer melty decadence

Try Gruyere.

Slightly sweet, slightly salty, creamy, nutty, it boosts a burger’s overall flavor without overshadowing other components. Also: Jarlsberg, a smooth, mild, supple cheese.


If you prefer simple goodness

Try fresh local cheese curds.

Try these from Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. Warm them atop a layer of foil on the grill over indirect heat until they soften, or work them into the patty itself before cooking.


If you prefer the classics

Try our New Zealand Cheddar.

Our new Zealand Cheddar is made from the milk of grass-fed cows or Jeremiah Farm & Goat Dairy Raw Milk Cheddar.


If you prefer the tang of goat cheese

Try creamy goat cheeses.

Try cheese such as those from Redwood Hill Farm. Spread onto the bun as a condiment or crumble atop the hot patty before serving.


If you prefer a hint of smoke or spice

Try a Jack.

Try one of Sierra Nevada Cheese Company Jacks or a smoked Jack such as local Mt. Townsend Creamery Camp Fire.


If you prefer cheese more than the burger

Try halloumi.

Try it sliced to your desired thickness, grilled in place of a meat patty. Wonderful with pesto, your favorite hummus or fresh veggies.


If you prefer non-dairy cheese

Try Daiya Foods vegan cheese.

This cheese is legendary for its easy melt and enjoyable texture.

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