PCC Grant Guidelines

Innovation. Creativity. Community. Co-op.

Giving back to our community has always been a crucial ingredient in our co-op’s vision. Through our grant program, we support work that creates fundamental improvements in people’s lives, and strengthen a collaborative culture that’s capable of transformational change.

Over the decades we’ve supported programs and projects including:

  • Funding farms and community gardens in the urban and rural BIPOC community
  • Local habitat restoration, like critical marine habitat protection
  • Scientific research in underfunded fields
  • Assisting low-income entrepreneurs with building their business
  • Food and nutrition access for our neighbors

We look forward to learning more about your organization!


PCC Community Grant: Grant proposals can be submitted from Aug. 12, 2021 to Aug. 27, 2021

PCC Organic Producers Grant: Opening Fall 2021

PCC Downtown Seattle Food Access Grant: Closed July 13, 2021