Supporting Strong Climate Legislation

August 20, 2021

PCC joined other businesses in the Climate Collaborative’s #Call4ClimateNOW campaign to urge legislators to pass strong and ambitious climate policy now.

The Climate Collaborative, which PCC joined in 2017, was developed from a shared vision by leaders in the natural foods industry who saw the potential to act together on climate by leveraging the resources and power of influential companies. It is an independent organization with more than 700 companies that have made a public commitment to climate action and work together to share best practices, strategies, and tools for operating more climate-friendly businesses and operations.

The Climate Collaborative’s #Call4ClimateNOW campaign is an effort to send a collective message to American lawmakers that businesses and citizens support passing critical legislation this fall to address climate change.

Supporting meaningful legislation and policies to address climate change is a top priority for PCC. As a grocery retailer, we see the impacts that extreme weather events and a shifting climate can have on farm productivity and the ability to grow food. Acting swiftly on climate change to halt rising temperatures is critical to human health, our ecosystems, and our ability to grow food.

Read more about the #Call4ClimateNow campaign here.

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