Reinstate Organic Livestock & Poultry Practices Rule

May 26, 2020


PCC joined Center for Food Safety and other organic advocacy groups in urging the National Organic Program (NOP) to reinstate the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices (OLPP) rule in a letter submitted during the OLPP economic analysis public comment period.

The OLPP rule was withdrawn in 2018, a year after its finalization and release. The NOP faces two legal challenges against the withdrawal of the rule, including one led by the National Organic Coalition.

In response to the litigation, the NOP issued a revised economic analysis of the OLPP rule at the end of April, identifying several points of contention with the previous cost-benefit analysis of the final OLPP rule and asking for comments.

While many in the organic community believed the rule could have been stronger, overall the rule took important steps in strengthening organic standards and closing animal welfare loopholes within the organic program — standards that organic consumers demand and expect when buying organic.

The comments emphasize that the organic seal and program is founded on a belief that agriculture can operate without abusing people, animals or the planet, and consumers expect that certain standards are being upheld when they choose to purchase certified organic products. Cost considerations should not impede efforts to bring greater integrity and consistency to organic production standards. Regardless of the economic analysis, the USDA must implement the OLPP rule without further delay.

Read the submitted comments here.

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