Funding for the Soil Health Initiative

February 15, 2021

PCC submitted a letter to the Washington State legislators requesting that the Soil Health Initiative, passed in 2020, receive its full funding allocation during the 2021-2023 biennial operating budget.

The Soil Health Initiative, which PCC supported during the 2020 legislative session, is a collaborative program between the Washington State Department of Agriculture, Washington State Conservation Commission, and Washington State University (WSU) to support research, education, and demonstrations in agricultural practices that enhance soil health. The work of the Soil Health Initiative is key to addressing climate change and sustainable food production in Washington State, two concerns that are front of mind for both consumers and producers.

PCC’s letter, addressed to Senator Christine Rolfes and Representative Timm Ormsby, emphasizes the importance of the Soil Health Initiative and the need to prioritize WSU’s funding in the operating budget.

Read the full letter here.

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