Support state food laws

This letter was sent to the following U.S. Congressional Representatives:

Rep. Jay Inslee(D-01)
Rep. Richard R. Larsen(D-02)
Rep. Brien Baird (D-03)
Rep. Richard (Doc) Hastings(R-04)
Rep. Cathy McMorris(R-05)
Rep. Normal D. Dicks(D-06)
Rep. Jim McDermott(D-07)
Rep. Dave Reichert(R-08)
Rep. Adam Smith(D-09)

March 1, 2006

Dear Representative :

On behalf of PCC Natural Markets, the nation’s largest and oldest natural foods cooperative, owned by more than 35,000 member households, I respectfully urge that you vote “No” on H.R. 4167, the so-called “National Uniformity for Food Act.” H.R. 4167 is bad legislation, because it works against the best interests of consumers, and is dangerous for their health and safety.

States often lead the way in developing and enforcing America’s health and food safety protections. We should encourage such efforts at providing greater protections for our children and families — not put more lives and health at risk, by removing the rights of states in such matters, as this bill will do.

H.R. 4167 would effectively wipe out nearly 200 state food safety protections, affecting all 50 states, where state regulations are not identical to federal protections, and because most such state regulations are more stringent.

We find it deeply troubling that this bill is being pushed through Congress without a single hearing. Haste and disregard for public safety are often hallmarks of measures that represent effective lobbying efforts of special interests, and that are unable to stand up to careful public scrutiny.

We believe the citizens of the State of Washington will thank you for voting “No” on H.R. 4167.


Randy Lee
Chief Financial Officer
PCC Natural Markets
206-545-7131 (fax)

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