Comments on WA Single-Use Food Service Products Bill

January 27, 2020

PCC submitted comments to the Washington State House Environment and Energy Committee on the single-use food service products legislation, expressing support of the overall goals and providing specific feedback on how to improve the bill should it pass.

Reducing plastic waste is a critical issue for our shoppers and one PCC has taken bold steps to address. The Food Service Product Ban would bring legislative cohesion for addressing plastic packaging and help reduce the proliferation of single-use plastics in Washington State.

In pursuing our goals of reducing the plastic packaging in our stores, we have gained knowledge and experience about plastic alternatives and the compost industry. Based on that experience, PCC recommended several amendments to strengthen the bill and ensure its success if passed. Our recommendations addressed concerns around PLA1 supply shortages, ensuring the availability of compost services, noncompliance procedures, and clarifying preemption of state bill over county and city regulations.

Read our full comments on improving the single-use food service products bill here.  

  1. PLA stands for polylactic acid, which is a biobased plastic often derived from corn.

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