PCC Customer Service Stars

This article was originally published in January 2023

Jamil Bates

Jamil Bates

Deli Helper Clerk, Edmonds PCC

Jamil started work in the Edmonds PCC kitchen three years ago. He has supported his team in the dishwashing position and now works the counter station, taqueria, or grab and go. With the help of his coworkers, Jamil is proud that his work in the PCC Kitchen has improved his confidence in helping customers and excelling in a dynamic environment. He enjoys many dishes that PCC produces but says Mac Salad and Crispy Tofu is his go-to lunch combination. When not at work, Jamil is a full-time student who loves exploring trails, beaches and parks with his pug, Charlie. Jamil also is passionate about immigrant and refugee rights, with a desire for expanded resources in this area. From Jamil’s point of view, customer service is all about patience, understanding, and remembering what it’s like to be a customer. It’s these qualities and more that make him such a wonderful addition to our Edmonds deli. Thank you, Jamil, for your consistent and kind service!

Robert Jones

Robert Jones

Courtesy Clerk, Downtown PCC

Robert is a vital part of our Downtown team. He started work with PCC at the Columbia City store almost four years ago with the goal of meeting new people and staying active in the community. On each Courtesy Clerk shift, he steps into the store with fresh eyes and prioritizes the tasks that will best improve the customer’s experience. He simultaneously remains present in the moment by greeting, helping, and listening to as many customers as he can. Robert appreciates the values behind our products and calls out the Ocean’s Balance Dulse as being a hidden gem. He loves to add it to salads and smoothies, or simple meals like quinoa, vegetables and salmon. In his free time, Robert practices yoga and mindfulness, and he loves to listen to philosophical or meditation tapes. Robert’s dedication to the present moment and love of human connection makes him such a valuable member of our Downtown team. Robert, thank you for offering your skills and experience to our customers every day!

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