Sustainability Report

PCC’s annual Co-op Purposes Report provides insights into several areas of the co-op:  Giving, staff support, and Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) efforts. Sustainability is key to PCC’s mission, and the report details our progress in several areas. Read it all here.

Selected sustainability accomplishments include: 

  • Diverting 87% of waste from going to the landfill. That’s more than 6,000 tons of waste that was either repurposed, recycled or composted back into new products. 
  • Diverting just over 9,000 bags of plastic film from the landfill and into recycling. That’s enough to fill close to 300 landfill dumpsters.
  • Eliminating approximately 100,000 single-use plastic water bottles through our expanded bottle ban.
  • Launching cork recycling at our Green Lake Village and Redmond locations through a partnership with Ridwell.
  • Our Bellevue and West Seattle locations joined the Ballard store in achieving Living Building Challenge Petal Certification, the world’s most rigorous green building standard. (Three stores are also LEED-certified—Redmond, Edmonds and Burien.)
  • Achieving carbon negative store operations, which means we removed more carbon from the atmosphere than what we contributed through our store operations. 
  • For the fourth year in a row, we achieved 100% renewable energy.
  • Reducing energy use per square foot by 19%. 
  • Reducing water use per square foot by 26%. 

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