Member response to the new member benefit

By Heather Snavely

This article was originally published in January 2020

This month marks the start of the new member benefit program! Since announcing it in the November/December issue of the Sound Consumer, we’ve gotten feedback from members at the register, through email and by phone.

Fewer than 1% of active members contacted the co-op. However, we recognize that not everyone takes the time to share their thoughts, and we believe everyone can benefit from hearing what their fellow members are thinking and feeling about the new program.

Not surprisingly, feedback was a blend of positive, negative and neutral. Members enthusiastic for the change were excited for several reasons. Some shared that the new dividend took the pressure off having to use their benefit on just one shop a month. Others said they liked the idea of rewarding members based on how much they spend in total. And still others felt the dividend better reflected the way they shop today, making multiple smaller shops.

Those disappointed in the change expressed frustration at the loss of the instant gratification of 10% off a shop, the delayed reward of a dividend and the overall impact to their grocery budget. Members also had clarifying questions like, “What will you do with the member data?” and “Is the dividend taxable?”

To answer those questions: The dividend is not taxable. You do not have to declare it on your federal income tax forms. And, PCC will never sell or share our member data. (You can read our full privacy policy here.) The intent of capturing member transaction data is to determine member dividends.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts — positive, negative and neutral — about the member benefit program, and thank you for continuing to support our co-op.


Heather Snavely is PCC’s VP of marketing and head of the Member Benefit Taskforce.

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