Our co-op community, February 2018

This article was originally published in February 2018

Find out more about community events at pccmarkets.com/events.

PCC is deeply committed to our communities. We actively support our communities through partnerships, sponsorships and donations. If you have an upcoming event and are interested in possible support or partnership with PCC, please visit our grants page.

Store highlight: Greenlake Aurora donates eggs

Greenlake Aurora PCC’s newest long-term community partnership is with the Aurora Commons. The Aurora Commons is a space for unhoused people to connect and support each other, rest, and prepare meals together. The Commons also offers programs to connect individuals with resources that support physical and mental health, helping enable them to acquire stable housing and employment. Above all, the Commons is designed to be a “space where hope overrides fear, where community interrupts isolation, and dignity is offered to all.”

One of the programs at the Aurora Commons is the People’s Kitchen, allowing individuals to create home-cooked meals in a clean and well-stocked kitchen. During a recent visit to the Aurora Commons, Greenlake Aurora PCC’s store staff quickly realized how they could make a major difference: eggs! Our Greenlake Aurora store will now be supplying the People’s Kitchen with a case of eggs every week. Huge thank you, Greenlake Aurora staff, for making this connection happen!

Partnership highlight: Farms for Life

PCC is proud to announce our brand-new partnership with the organization Farms for Life. This local, volunteer-run and nonprofit organization connects small organic farms with food banks to provide healthy produce to their clients. Each growing season, most farms produce more than they can harvest or sell, resulting in lost revenue and food waste. By buying their surplus food, Farms for Life serves as a bridge between those who produce food and those who need it, helping underserved members in our community access healthy local produce and providing supplemental income to farmers. Since its founding, Farms for Life has saved at least three farms from bankruptcy!

PCC is proud and excited to begin a strong partnership with this organization. Please stay tuned for more information on how we’re supporting Farms for Life throughout 2018.

In addition, Farms for Life is always looking for passionate and dedicated volunteers. If you’re interested in donating, volunteering, or simply learning more about this amazing organization, visit www.farms4life.org.

Food drive wrap-up

Thank you so much to our community members and shoppers who donated to our annual holiday food drive! We raised $74,835! The food drive is part of our shopper-funded food bank program, which allows our 13 different partner food banks to choose from a variety of bulk items that are shelf stable and new. Our holiday food drives raise significant funds, but you can donate to this program at any time as we continue to fulfill food bank orders throughout the year. Each store is connected to a specific partner food bank. We’re especially excited to be opening our Burien location this spring and the chance to create a brand new partnership with another local food bank serving our community.

Bagged apple program reminder

The season is not over yet! The bagged apple program at PCC still is going strong through the winter, so pick up a 3-pound bag of organic Fuji apples today for a healthy snack that gives money to a good cause. All proceeds of these specially marked “Farm to School” bags go toward programs focused on youth education around food and nutrition. This year our funds go to the Tilth Alliance, Oxbow Farm and Conservation Center, and the Green Plate Special.

Be mine, Valentine craft events at PCC

Saturday, February 10

Join us for a morning of fun as kids create special Valentine cards and crafts for their friends and family. PCC will supply all materials as well as healthy treats. You supply children age 12 and under, free.

  • Bothell, Columbia City, Edmonds, Issaquah, Greenlake Village and Redmond – 9 a.m. to noon
  • Greenlake Aurora – 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

PCC Cooks

PCC Cooks offers nutrition-focused classes as better health is reached one meal at a time! We are here to ease the process and feed your motivation for healthy eating. Learn more about special nutrition topics in Boost Your Immunity or Mindful Eating for Optimal Wellness. Or enjoy the expertise of nutrition educator Nick Rose’s free Walk, Talk and Taste tours.

Meals for the Week in One Day helps you plan your menus ahead and Soup Stock Options creates a strong base for any meal. Get the kids involved by planning ahead for PCC Cooks Summer Camp (open 2/1). Older kids (16+) and adults alike are all welcome in Kitchen Basics to learn the foundations of preparing a balanced meal.

Finally, take the pressure off and join us for No-Stress Pressure Cooking to get tips on this fast cooking technique! Let us help you get cooking this winter: find these class descriptions and more at PccCooks.com.

February customer service star

Frederick Clanahan, PIC at Issaquah.

Frederick has been a Person In Charge at Issaquah PCC for the last two years, previously serving as a Person In Charge at Columbia City. Wherever Frederick works he makes strong connections with many of our customers and staff. His genuine and warm personality creates a very welcoming atmosphere. Customers frequently ask for Frederick by name because they know that he will provide them with a helping hand and a friendly smile.

Fellow Issaquah staff also recognize Frederick’s exceptional customer service – voting him to be our February Customer Service Star. They describe him as: "Always super nice and very helpful," "Always so helpful and does everything needed," and "He’s the best!" We all agree that Frederick is the best! No matter the time of day he is always energetic and positive. We admire his focus on being a team player, his enthusiasm to support and mentor others, and his willingness to go the extra mile. Thank you, Frederick!

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