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This article was originally published in December 2016

Starting in February, the print version of Sound Consumer will have a different look. Instead of 12 pages, it will be reduced to 8 pages because we’ll no longer have advertisements. But don’t worry — we’ll still have the same great content! You’ll still find all your favorites, including feature stories, recipes, news bites, letters to the editor and more!

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Go nuts for change: co-ops helping co-ops

Two nut producers are growing organic, Fair Trade almonds and cashews for PCC — while driving change in their communities. By purchasing these nuts, we can help accelerate their good work.

Nutrionists' picks

PCC's two nutrition educators recommend colorful rice from around the world, gluten-free ancient-grain teff flour, flavored sparkling water, and supplements to aid sleep, mitigate stress, and boost the immune system. Also don't miss seasonal organic citrus: juicy Clementines, heirloom navel oranges, tangerines, and Minneola tangelos!

Are whole grains the secret to living longer?

People who eat whole grains regularly are some of the healthiest and longest living people on the planet. Why?