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This article was originally published in March 2013

Since launching our online searchable database of PCC deli dishes earlier this year, many shoppers have been busy using it to look up nutrition information about their favorites, from salads and soups to our hot bar offerings.

Now, we’re pleased to announce this information is available for PCC Bakery items, too. Curious what muffins are whole-grain or what cookies are vegan? Now you can find out, along with full ingredient lists for each item.

Look up our house-made products by name, or sort by category (e.g., “cupcakes” or “pies/tarts”). Apply a filter (e.g., “wheat-free,” “low saturated fat” or “no refined sugar”) to find delicious goodies to meet your dietary needs.

Being transparent about the ingredients and nutrition information in our foods isn’t just helpful to you, the eater — it also is encouraging us to develop new recipes with nutrition a top priority.

We’re experimenting with new grain-free desserts, for instance, such as vegan coconut pudding and tapioca pudding, and we’re trying to create more whole-grain items baked with unrefined sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup. We’ll be rolling out a greater selection of these healthier options over the next several months.

While you’re on our website, be sure to check out our bulk database. It isn’t new, but if you haven’t used it you may find it useful for planning nutritious, economical meals. The searchable database makes it easy to discover beans, grains, spices, sweeteners and hundreds of other products and enables you to look up nutritional information and preparation instructions.

So whether you plan to pick up something ready-to-eat in our bakery or deli or are planning meals to prepare at home, we think you’ll find these tools helpful for healthy eating.

Find links to all three databases — deli, bakery and bulk.

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