Our favorite body care products

This article was originally published in May 2012

body care products

What face wash will work for your skin type? What shampoo is good for dry hair? What hand cream will be the most soothing, and what scent do you prefer? There are so many choices in the body and hair care aisle at PCC, it can be overwhelming to choose. We encourage you to try different products, and always feel free to ask our friendly staff for recommendations. Here are some favorites of PCC staff who have tried all the brands we carry.

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Facial care

Weleda Almond Cleansing Lotion — “I have extremely sensitive skin and most skin care products make me turn red, but this mild cleanser is good for everyday use and gently removes makeup. It smells lightly like marzipan, too!”
— Alana Anderson, Seward Park

Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner — “This is the cornerstone of my whole beauty regimen because it cleanses, refreshes and nourishes my skin all in one spritz. It’s handcrafted with biodynamically grown ingredients.”
— Rachel Marcotte, Edmonds

DeVita — “I love these facial care products for their amazing cleansing and moisturizing properties. They’re made with essential oils such as rose and neroli. These are tried and true. Customers come back all the time to tell me how happy they are with them.”
— Rachel Marcotte, Edmonds

Wild Carrot Herbals Soulshine Facial Cream and Wild Rose Eye Cream — “These are my go-to moisturizers. They’re basic, beautiful, and the perfect price point. Everything in the line is handmade in small batches by a husband-and-wife team in Oregon. Customers love how well the products work.”
— Alana Anderson, Seward Park

Suki — “I love the whole skin care line.”
– Dorie Holden, Greenlake

Evan Healy Cleansing Milks and Serums — “The cleansing milks and serums are luxurious and leave your skin feeling hydrated.”
— Kibby Bowen, PCC office

Weleda Soothing Almond Facial Oil — “Organic almond oil makes this one of the purest moisturizers, especially for us with chemical sensitivities. It goes on light, never greasy, and leaves my face feeling calm and nourished. I use it as an all-body moisturizer.”
— Trudy Bialic, Editor

Sun care

DeVita Body Block SPF 30+ — “Luxurious for dry or sensitive skin with chemical-free UVA/UVB protection.”
— Rachel Marcotte, Edmonds

Say Yes to Carrots Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 — “I use this in place of regular sunscreen since it sits well on my skin and blends well with my foundation. It’s great if you grew up using Oil of Olay and want a cleaner alternative.”
— Karen Gaudette, PCC food writer

Hand creams

Love & Toast Handcremes — “Great ingredients, wonderful scents, they really work, and they have beautiful packaging, so they make nice gifts.”
— Roxanne Green, Redmond

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream — Made with organic sea buckthorn oil and essential oils from mandarins, oranges and grapefruits, “it’s intensely moisturizing but light and soaks right in.”
— Mackenzie Brennan, View Ridge

Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream — “It smells so delicious and when my hands are so dry they hurt this lotion always helps.”
— Kerry Dahl, PCC office

Body lotions and oils

Wild Carrot Herbals – “I love that this is a local company that makes handcrafted, sustainable and delightful body care.”
— Kibby Bowen, PCC Office

Some Wild Carrot Herbals to try:

  • Ginger Body Butter — “It’s luxuriously thick, and I love how it’s packaged in a mason jar. There’s something decadent about body butters — it feels like an indulgence.”
    — Mackenzie Brennan, View Ridge
  • Borage Seed Lotion and Borage Seed Ambrosial Serum — Made with anti-inflammatory Borage seed oil, deeply moisturizing.
  • Gaia Goo Healing Salve — Good for soothing scratches, bites, bruises and rashes, made with organic extra virgin olive oil, organic calendula petals, St. John’s Wort flowers, organic chickweed and organic plantain, beeswax and essential oils.

Aura Cacia Argan Oil — Apply as general body oil, a nourishing hair and scalp massage or to soften and rejuvenate dry skin.

Bodyceuticals Organic Calendula Oil — Good for all ages and skin types, “it’s soothing and nourishing.”
— Kibby Bowen, PCC office


Acure — Made with organic argan oil, fresh herbs, and Fair Trade cocoa butter.

Camamu — Made with olive, coconut and palm oils, essential oils, and ingredients such as honey, corn meal and poppy seeds for gentle exfoliation, oil-absorbing clays, and organic herbs. “They smell great and really work!”
— Mackenzie Parker, Fremont

Hugo Naturals — “The butterfly soaps are pretty and the Fizzy Bath Bombs are wonderfully scented. They make great gifts.”
— Read Handyside, Fremont


Love & Toast — “They smell wonderful and have beautiful packaging, great for gifts.”
— Roxanne Green, Redmond

Some to try: Mandarin Tea, Persimmon Plum, Dew Blossom

Body wash

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash — “I love the way it makes your skin feel — like silk — and the smell is divine.”
— Mackenzie Brennan, View Ridge

Hair care

Acure Moroccan Argan Oil + Argan Stem Cell Shampoo and Conditioner — “This is a great moisturizing set that doesn’t leave my hair heavy or oily. It has an almond smell that’s so good you want to eat it. I also recommend the dry shampoo, which is convenient for those days you just have to get up and go.”
— Alana Anderson, Seward Park

Aubrey GPB Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner and Alaffia Coconut Shea Daily Hydrating Shampoo — “I keep going back to these brands for the way they make my fine, graying hair feel healthy and shiny. Aubrey is a gentle wash, Alaffia sudses more, but I love that both stand for safer ingredients at reasonable prices.”
— Trudy Bialic, Editor

The Dessert Essence Coconut Shampoo and Alaffia Coconut Shea Daily Hydrating Shampoo — “My favorites because they ‘suds’ well and smell wonderful.”
— Sara Makowski, Kirkland

Staff picks for color-treated hair:

  • Hugo Naturals Geranium Color Protecting Shampoo
  • Lavera Mango Milk Shampoo


Gabriel Cosmetics Mascara — “Stays on in mild rain or if you have oily skin and gives you great looking lashes. Also good for people with sensitivities or allergies.”
— Roxanne Greene, Redmond

Sea Fennel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover — Sea fennel and chamomile gently and effectively remove all traces of eye makeup, while Eyebright extract soothes tired, sore eyes and diffuses redness and puffiness.

Mineral Fusion Lip Gloss — Made with moisturizing sunflower seed oil and vitamin E, infused with antioxidant-rich white tea, red tea, and pomegranate plus vitamin C to protect lips against free radicals.

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