PCC’s first bagging contest

This article was originally published in November 2010

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(l-r) Marisa Laufer, Fabian Morales and Jennifer Hough.

Anyone who ever has found something crushed at the bottom of their grocery bag knows the importance of thoughtful bagging. Bagging groceries carefully and quickly is so important to us at PCC that we’ve added a friendly competition to highlight its value.

Our first-ever bagging contest this fall drew 80 store staff participants from all nine stores. First-place winners from each store went to the finals at Edmonds. The finals began with a demonstration round between some store directors and PCC’s CEO, Tracy Wolpert. Competition was fierce, in a light-hearted way, and everyone did a good job but the real baggers smoked management when it came to technique.

After that bit of fun, the contestants were timed as they filled two bags, one paper and one reusable PCC bag, using similar items to those used in the Washington state and national bagging competitions. (We want our winner to be prepared to represent PCC!)

Baggers were judged on safe and proper techniques, speed, distribution of weight, and the contestants’ style, attitude and appearance. All four sides of each contestant’s paper bag were cut to see if the items stood on their own without the support of the bag; many were successful. Fabian Morales from Redmond won 1st place, Marisa Laufer of Edmonds took 2nd place, and Jennifer Hough of Fremont won 3rd place. Morales represented PCC at the Washington state contest which was held on in October 21.

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