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This article was originally published in July 2010

PCC 2010 election results

3 people

(l-r) PCC members Katrina Basic, Bryan Pearce and John Sheller were elected to their first board terms.

PCC’s 2010 annual election began on April 27 and ended May 20. The ballots were counted at a public meeting on Monday, May 24. Results are as follows:

Board of Trustees (top three elected to three-year term)
Katrina Basic — 1,382
John Sheller — 1,331
Bryan Pearce — 1,242
Jason Hamlin — 697

Nominating Committee (each elected to serve one-year term)
Chantal Stevens — 1,440
Diana Crane — 1,429
Don Nordness — 1,360
Janet Hietter — 1,320
Rick Riehle — 1,270

2 people

(l-r) Sara Janus and Johnnie Bratrude were two of the members who volunteered to count ballots on May 24.

Quorum for this election was 1,348 (3 percent of 44,925 active members as of March 31, 2010). There were 1,794 valid ballots or 3.993 percent of active members.

Board administrator Janice Parker Theiss notes, “The election process requires a considerable investment of time and energy. The board thanks all the candidates for participating. We congratulate the winners and wish them the best as they begin their board terms.

“The board also thanks our members for voting. It’s great to see how seriously our members deliberate over this decision. The candidates enjoyed meeting the members who came out to meet them at the annual meeting and at in-store candidate events.”

The new board members were seated at the June 29 board meeting.

Board meeting report

The board met on May 25.

The board development committee led discussion of planning for the August board retreat, the board’s self-evaluation process, and the orientation plan for new trustees. The member relations committee reported on April’s annual meeting.

The next board meetings are June 29 and July 27 at 5 p.m. at the co-op office. Members are welcome at all public portions of the meeting and member comment period is at 7 p.m.

From one of our retiring board members

Alexander Rist

As my board term ends, I want to thank all the members and the terrific staff and management team at PCC for making PCC what it is today — an organization with high human values, with a mission to bring healthy food to our tables, and to provide those services in the most sustainable way possible.

Seattle and the Pacific Northwest can be proud to be home for a company that makes the world a better place — day by day, for all of us now and in the future.

Alexander Rist has served on the PCC board since 2002. His term ended in June.

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