Your co-op, January 2009

This article was originally published in January 2009

Talk to the Board

The board still is gathering member feedback this quarter on how PCC practices social responsibility — how important that is to you and what a socially responsible business looks like to you. They look forward to talking to you about this and any other topic you may have in mind. Contact the board anytime at

Upcoming Talk to the Board dates:

  • Saturday, January 17, 12 to 2 p.m.
    PCC Greenlake
  • Saturday, February 21, 12 to 2 p.m.
    PCC West Seattle

Board meeting report

The November 25 board meeting included a review of the 2009 operating budget and business plan, an evaluation of the fall member meeting, a report on PCC’s new social networking initiatives, and a decision on the 2009 annual meeting and election dates.

“We were thrilled to have another record attendance at our fall member meeting with nearly 350 members and guests,” says Member Relations Committee chair Kelly Horton. Feedback indicated members enjoyed the meal, the conversation, and the special magic show. See a full report, a photo slide show, and sound slide show on the member meetings Web page.

The board also heard a report from the marketing department on PCC’s recent foray into the social networking realm, sharing details of our new presence on Facebook and Twitter. Director of marketing Laurie Albrecht reported that these interactions make more people aware of PCC and our mission, and help create new communities of people who share our values. They’re also another way to hear what shoppers like as well as any concerns they may have.

The board approved April 28 as the date of the 2009 annual meeting, with balloting for the elections starting that date and running through May 22. The 2009 ballot count meeting was set for May 25.

2009 board candidate slate

This year’s nominating committee interviewed 13 applicants for board candidacy and was in deliberations at press time. Look for an announcement of the 2009 slate of candidates in the February Sound Consumer. We’ll post candidate bios and photos on the Web site by March 25, including video interviews.

Public policy work

We’re pleased that PCC’s year-long engagement with stakeholders in a labor dispute involving the United Farm Workers (UFW) and Beef Northwest (the feedlot for Country Natural Beef) has led to a settlement. Beef Northwest and the UFW now are negotiating terms for feedlot workers. 

Over the past two months, PCC also has commented on several proposed policies that affect our food supply. These include:

The above letters and comments may be read at

Also in this issue

The value of organic certification

All natural? Non-GMO? No antibiotics or hormones? Aren’t they just as good as certified organic, just a little less costly? No doubt, when buying food the savvy shopper faces a dizzying array of labels and choices. Feeding the family never has been so complex.

The first farm: January harvest and a forecast

The New Year on the Dungeness Delta brings Brussels sprouts, kale and super-sweet carrots to our tables — as well as gratitude for such bounty to our hearts and busy hands. While many other farms wound down a while ago for winter, our crew at Nash’s Organic Produce is digging deep into a cold, wet harvest season.

Shopping and eating on a budget

No doubt the financial meltdown is causing us to rethink spending on even the most basic necessities — and food is no exception. Some people are choosing more economical meats (indeed, sales of Spam are skyrocketing), while others are eating out less frequently; 45 percent of Americans report cutting down on the number of meals they ate out in 2008.