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Sound Consumer November 2007 | by Kathryn Gardow, PCC Farmland Trust Director

Changing seasons: Turkey, tractors and turnips

As fall turns toward winter, we give thanks to all the farmers who continue to farm despite the challenges of the season. Through cold rain and dark days, they continue to work the land and care for their animals to provide wonderful, organic foods that will grace our tables for months to come.

Nash Huber and his crew, who farm the trust’s Delta Farm in Sequim, says his winter crops are his most profitable. Perhaps it’s because there are few winter farmers. Perhaps it’s because their micro-climate is optimal. Perhaps its the farmers.

The PCC Farmland Trust staff is learning more about what makes a farm profitable, how to find the most vulnerable land to save, and how we can be sure to meet our mission to save farmland with a farmer working it. Without the farmer, it’s not farmland — just open space.

We’ll be at the Tilth Producers of Washington conference in mid-November to talk turkey, tractors and turnips with farmers from across the state. We hope to develop a better understanding and strategies to help save more farmland with farmers.


Thank you Elliott Bay Book Store

The PCC Farmland Trust is a sponsor of a reading, book signing and slide show with author Ann Vileisis for her new book “Kitchen Literacy” at the Elliott Bay Bookstore on Saturday, November 10 at 2 p.m.

The Elliott Bay Bookstore is a strong supporter of the Trust’s work and we’re glad to co-sponsor this event for a book from an historian on how (and why) we’ve become so removed from the source of our foods over the past 200 years.

Challenge grant update

We’re thankful to all of you who contributed to our Ames Creek Challenge Grant. We’re glad to say we raised the $40,000 needed to secure $20,000 from our challenge grant sponsors. Visit our challenge grant donor Web page to see our final numbers. If you missed this opportunity to participate in the challenge grant, your contributions still are welcome.

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