Your co-op, March 2007

This article was originally published in March 2007

Board meeting report

David Simpson and Carole Reid

In early February, WSDA’s Organic Food Program conducted inspections of the organic operations of our seven stores certified as organic retailers.

Our eighth store in Redmond is applying this month for certification.

Inspector David Simpson is shown here with West Seattle’s meat coordinator, Carole Reid, after reviewing the organic handling procedures in her meat department.

Simpson praised PCC for its organic systems and procedures.

At the January 30 meeting, the Board Development Task Force led discussions to prepare for the board’s February 3rd retreat. In a continuing effort to work with co-ops and co-op related ventures, the board has decided to participate in a program for developing board leadership from Cooperative Development Services (CDS).

The CDS consultants are longtime co-op leaders with excellent experience in helping boards strengthen their strategic focus within the framework of our Policy Governance™ model.

The Finance Task Force reviewed the amounts returned to members in the member bonus discount program as well as the financial resources committed to community relations and outreach such as the scrip and food bank programs. The task force was pleased to report that more than 1.8 million dollars, or nearly 1.8 percent of sales (more than PCC’s net profit), was returned directly to members.

PCC spent nearly $220,000 on community outreach. The 2006 annual report summarizing these and all our financials will be available at the annual meeting on May 1 and in stores and online after that date.

The Linkage Task Force received approval for program ideas for the May 1 annual meeting. The agenda will include reports from the board and management on last year’s successes and challenges and an introduction to the 2007 board candidates.

In the educational component of this meeting, David Lively, co-founder of Organically Grown Company and PCC’s largest produce supplier, will talk about the evolution of the organic industry with a focus on future challenges as larger conventional retailers increase their organic offerings. David also will touch on the importance of sustainable business practices, including producing, shipping and the value of local sourcing.

Look for more details in the April Sound Consumer and save the annual meeting date — Tuesday, May 1, at 6 p.m.

2007 board candidates

The nominating committee has announced the names of the PCC members who are candidates in this spring’s board election. Buzz Hofford and Kelly Horton join incumbents Alexander Rist and Chantal Stevens on the ballot.

Learn about each candidate’s background and vision for PCC in the special election insert in the May Sound Consumer and on our Web site and in the stores beginning in May.

Kanwal Kaur

Kanwal Kaur

Saturday, March 24, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Talk to the board
Issaquah PCC

Board members continue to report this exchange as very useful in engaging members one-to-one. This month’s discussion question will be: What is the value of PCC as a co-op?

Come share your thoughts with a board member at this month’s Talk to the Board or email us at

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