Your co-op, August 2006

This article was originally published in August 2006

What are Ends policies?

The PCC Board of Trustees works by a method called Policy Governance®. The board translates the goals they have for PCC into policy language. These policies are called “Ends” and they speak, in broad terms, to the board’s current and long-range vision for PCC.

It is management’s job to drive PCC to fulfill these Ends. Management reports to the board each year on its interpretation of the policies and reports on the actions it has taken to comply.

At least once each year, the board publishes the policies in our member newspaper and they’re always posted on our Web site. Here is the current Ends policy language. The board and management welcome your ideas and questions. Email us at

Global Ends PCC exists to create a cooperative, sustainable environment for our members and patrons in which the natural and organic supply chains thrive.

  • Ends A: PCC members and patrons will have access to high quality, healthful food that is fairly priced.
  • Ends B: PCC membership is a respected and valued choice.
  • Ends C: PCC has a local focus.
  • Ends D: PCC members and patrons are well-educated in matters of healthful foods, healthy sustainable living, and the cooperative business model.
  • Ends E: An inherent part of PCC’s business is the balance of economic, social and environmental responsibilities.

To read management’s reports, see Policy Governance®.

Talk to the Board

PCC Healthy Living Fair
Saturday and Sunday, August 12 and 13
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Issaquah PCC

The board members look forward to meeting you during monthly visits to our stores or at events. Each month a different board member spends a few hours to hear what’s on members’ minds. This is a great chance to have an informal chat with the people who represent you and your interests.

Board meeting report

The board met June 27 to hear task force reports and seat the 2006-2007 board. Reed Schilbach ended her second consecutive board term. Her fellow board members thanked her for her service on behalf of the membership and presented her with a gift.

Stephen Tan was welcomed to the board and Bob Cross was elected to serve as chair again this year. Linnea Noreen was elected to represent the board on the 2006-2007 nominating committee. The July 25 meeting report will be published in the September Sound Consumer.

Next board meeting
The next scheduled board meeting is Tuesday, September 26 at 5 p.m. at the co-op office. Member comments will be heard at 6 p.m.

Nominating committee begins search for candidates

PCC’s nominating committee is looking for experienced and talented candidates to run for the PCC Board of Trustees in next year’s election. The members of the nominating committee are Eva Childers, Linnea Noreen, Kim Norton, Paul Schmidt and Deanna Theiss. Over the next six months, these PCC members will recruit and screen qualified candidates to run in the next board of trustees election in spring 2007.

Any PCC member of Active Status may apply for board candidacy. If you’re interested and haven’t attended a board meeting, consider doing so in September to see the board in action.

If you have any questions about the position or wish to receive an application, call Janice Parker at 206-547-1222 or email Applications will be accepted until early December.

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