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This article was originally published in March 2005

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(March 2005) — After listening to member feedback and carefully evaluating the cost of PCC’s 10 percent flexible shopping discount over the past six months, we’re happy to report that starting April 1, it will be a permanent part of our member benefits package.

This exciting benefit gives PCC members the chance to use their monthly 10 percent discount on the shopping trip of their choice, rather than on date-specific member bonus days.

Throughout the six-month trial period — which was used to examine the financial impact of this discount — we asked members to share their thoughts, opinions and comments. Overwhelmingly, members said they enjoyed the more flexible discount and hoped it would become a permanent benefit — even if it meant discontinuing the fixed bonus days on the 15th and 16th of each month. We’re happy that our co-op is able to respond to our members’ needs.

In addition to saving 10 percent on the shopping trip of your choice, we will continue to offer a discount on the 15th and 16th through June on a trial basis. Because of the much greater cost associated with the flexible savings benefit, we will offer 5 percent off member purchases, rather than 10 percent on these days. Over the next three months, we will evaluate the financial impact of this discount and decide if our co-op can continue to afford it along with the permanent discount on the shopping trip of your choice.

We hope you enjoy the convenience of our new discount program. As a co-op member, your opinions about member benefits are very important. To share your comments, please send an email to

To save 10% on the shopping trip of your choice, look for your coupon each month on page two of your home-delivered Sound Consumer.

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