Letters to the editor, December 2002

This article was originally published in December 2002

Product choice resolution

Here’s a follow-up to a letter we ran last month. Teresa Dietze and 13 others had raised concerns and questions about some specific product choices. In response, PCC has brought back several flavors of frozen dessert Rice Dream and a flavor of goat yogurt that was requested. We want our members to know that when we receive product requests, PCC staff takes them seriously and does follow up. We may not be able to resolve every product request, but we do try.

We heard again from Teresa thanking us. Here is what she had to say:

I have not had a chance to get back to you regarding other products, but I wanted to tell you that I just got back from spending a lot of money at PCC and want to thank you for your quick and thorough response. (Elin) and Trudy were very engaged and effective and when I was no longer frustrated having to drive to Whole Foods for the yogurt after so many repeated requests and complaints, and saw a few familiar products, I found myself feeling good about the store again and choosing to buy things I could get at PCC.
— Teresa D. Dietze, BioEnergetic Nutrition

Please market PCC values

As a longtime co-op member, I am increasingly disappointed with the “marketing” choices PCC has made during the last few years. Using coupons and one day a month discounts for members is a wasteful and insulting ploy. The “member advantage” discounts tried out before this 15th-of-the-month day are what QFC and Safeway do. There is no encouragement in the marketing to become a PCC member to support its values.

I am a member of PCC because of its commitment to sustainable farming and healthful living, because it supports the businesses and people I prefer to patronize, provides products I would prefer to buy, and supplies some trustworthy consumer choices and education. I am not a member to save money (though that’s always nice), to be a member of a price club, or to wait for sale day to shop for groceries.

I’d like to see PCC show its philosophy and values in its marketing rather than participate in the frenzy of competition and bargain shopping so popular in our corporate American society. Thanks for listening,


In a recent issue of the PCC newspaper, Sound Consumer, there was a mention of a recipe for biscotti. It involved sugar and eggs. Sugar? I use a recipe that has no white sugar. No butter. No eggs. No milk. On top of that, it is biscotti that will not hurt your mouth. It is dry, crisp, and very good, arguably, delicious. The recipe is no secret. It can be found at www.fotonovela.org.
— Timothy Muck

Editor: The recipe uses maple syrup, soy milk, and corn oil instead of sugar, milk, and eggs.

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