Protecting the Shipley Fields: great progress in a short time

This article was originally published in October 2002

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In four months we’ve raised two thirds of the funds we need.

For the Shipley Fields; $167,147 raised since May 1, 2002; $82,853 yet to go. We matched the Bullitt Foundation’s $25,000 challenge in nine weeks.

New 2003 Chinook Book coupon guide; $10 goes to save farmland!

Buy a New “Chinook Book:” $10 goes to save farmland!
“Chinook Book,” the brightly colored coupon guide, describes itself as “the book that pays for itself.” It pays for a lot more that that — when you buy a “Chinook Book” at PCC, the entire $10 profit goes to the Farmland Fund.

“Chinook Book” is a guide to dining, recreation, food, and household products and services with significantly reduced environmental impacts. According to the Celio Group publishers, “Chinook Book” shows that reducing personal impact on the environment is “important, possible, not more expensive and not that hard to do.”

“Chinook Book (” is printed on Process Chlorine-Free (PCF) recycled paper with 90 percent post-consumer content, 10 percent hemp or flax, using soy-based inks. It would make a gift you’d be proud to present or receive. “Chinook Book” is available for $20 in all PCC stores.

Wildwood Harvest Foods supports the Farmland Fund
Five cents of your purchase of any Wildwood product sold at PCC goes to preserve farmland.

Wildwood logo. Five cents of your purchase of any Wildwood product sold at PCC goes to preserve farmland.

Wildwood has been a producer of fresh, certified organic natural foods since 1980. In 2000, Wildwood took this commitment to organics one step farther by merging with Midwest Harvest, a family of organic soybean farmers and tofu producers in Iowa. Together, these two companies combine organic agricultural know-how with soy food expertise.

Wildwood is a socially responsible company, dedicated to giving back to the community and the planet. One percent of Wildwood’s organic soy milk sales go to breast cancer research that is specifically focused on environmental causes. Wildwood’s mission is “to nourish human health and well-being through the promotion of dietary and agricultural change.”

A pioneer in organic food production, Wildwood provides innovative alternatives to traditional meat and dairy foods. Wildwood products include tofu (smoked, baked and braised), organic fresh soy milk and tofu-veggie burgers. They’re all found in PCC’s refrigerated sections. We emphasize great taste, because we know our reputation is in your next bite.

Wildwood supports the Farmland Fund’s work preserving threatened farmland and dedicating it to organic production. We encourage others to do the same. The organic choice means fewer chemicals in our environment, respect for the fundamental life of the soil and support for the livelihood of farmer’s who choose the organic path. Affect change by your purchasing power — choose organic!
— Jeremiah Ridenour, CEO, Wildwood Harvest Foods

Original illustrations in color pencil and watercolor by Northwest artists are printed on high quality recycled paper and are donated by Good Nature Publishing. Sunset magazine calls these illustrations “horticultural fine art!”.

Donor Roster (August 1 -31)
Anonymous: 6
Cedar Acosta
Michaelene Adams
Abigail Barden
Linda Breuer
Bob Carroll
Kay Doolittle
Mary Jane Helmann
Eric Holtz
Suzanne Hosier
Dorothy Howland
Kathleen Kler/David Haakenson
B. Matthew Knapp
William Kreuter
Marjorie Laughlin
Robert Long
Kim and Virginia Pflueger
Norm and Lynn Prewitt
Laura Martin and Les Martin
Maren L. Nelson
Alexander Rist and Linda Noble
Lisa Rogers
Michael and Alexandra Rust
Kelly Sanderbeck and Brent Ewing
Barbara Sinclair
Patricia L. Staggs
Diane Steen
Erde Sun
Barbara Tubb
Mark and Nancy Tucker
Jeffrey A. Vaughan
Nancy and Douglas Williams
Cynthia Wold
Barbara Yocom
Sarah Young

PCC staff:
More than 100 PCC staff members make voluntary payroll deductions twice a month. Jan Thompson contributed her 15th PCC anniversary gift, Matt Smith donated his share of West Seattle’s customer service bonus, Gwen Belsvik, Randy Lee, Mimi Simmons, Melanie Smith and Bruce Thelen made additional gifts and the Office Staff donation jug and bake sale raised a total of $238.48.

Non-profits and Foundations:
Gartner Group Charity Fund
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund

Businesses and Organizations:
Boeing (matching)
Good Nature Publishing Company
Microsoft (matching)
Organic Valley
TalkingRain Beverage Company

The PCC Farmland Fund works to secure and preserve threatened farmland in Washington State and move it into organic production. For more information, see the PCC Farmland Fund.

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