Farmland Fund wins $25,000 Bullitt Foundation challenge grant

Sound Consumer June 2002

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by Jody Aliesan, PCC Farmland Fund President and Operating Officer

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Bullitt Foundation challenge grant
Collect the set: Futures cards
Meanwhile, back at the Delta Farm
Donor Roster (April 1 – 30)

The Bullitt Foundation, premier guardian of our Pacific Northwest landscape, has approved a one-year, one-to-one matching grant of $25,000 to assist the Farmland Fund’s purchase of an agricultural easement on the Shipley Fields. (See PCC Farmland Fund proects a second Farm, June 2002 Sound Consumer

The grant will be paid when the Fund has raised an equal amount in new or increased contributions. The Bullitt Foundation makes its challenge to support our “Futures” campaign and in recognition of the Fund’s educational efforts regarding farmland loss, food security, organic practices and environmental stewardship.

The Bullitt Foundation is committed to the protection and restoration of the environment of the Pacific Northwest. In 2001 the Foundation funded 13 sustainable agriculture proposals among non-profit applications from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, Western Montana and the rainforest region of southern Alaska. For more information, visit their website at

Collect the set: Futures cards
“Futures” are crops bought for future delivery. They haven’t yet been grown and harvested. The Farmland Fund’s “futures” are the gifts we make toward saving our next farm. Together we assure a future for the land, for farmers, farming communities, and all who depend on fresh, local organic produce.

Futures Cards from PCC Farmland Fund

The full-color cards are 4″x6″. Each time you make a donation of $25 or more, a card will be mailed to you in series order. Your gift will be doubled, thanks to the Bull
itt Foundation’s challenge grant. These cards are great for kids of all ages who like to collect. Put them on your refrigerator to remind you where your food comes from.

Delta Farm

Meanwhile, back at the Delta Farm
The first farm saved by the Farmland Fund, our Delta Farm, is looking beautiful. Internal fences are gone and fields prepared for late carrots and a variety of greens. The irrigation ditch is clean and squared, and a holding pond ready as part of this year’s “creative” irrigation until income from crops allows purchase of drip equipment and a second pump. The hedgerow of Hooker willow whips planted by the March workparty has sprouted branches and leaves. Four kinds of chickens, housed together at night in a portable coop, run around fertilizing the new orchard of 20 apples and pears, laying a couple dozen eggs each day. A pair of rabbits in a portable hutch contribute their droppings to the old fruit trees. One hen made her nest in a shed behind stored fencing and is sitting on her eggs; her little ones will be running around soon to match the wild mallard ducklings on Meadowbrook Creek.

Donor Roster (April 1 – 30)
Anonymous: 5
Miki Adams
Anne Armstrong
John and Judy Armstrong
Caroline Ethelston
Lucy Hadac
David Heitmiller and Jacqueline Blix
Mary Jane Helmann
Bil Moorhead and Margo Leishman
Janice L. Parker and Mike Theiss
Chantal Stevens and Dennis Wajda
Nancy and Mark Tucker
Jeff Voltz
Duane A. and Bertha L. White

PCC staff:
More than one hundred PCC staff members make voluntary payroll deductions twice a month. Janice Parker and Kathryn Russell began deductions and Shauna Chambers doubled hers. Alicia Guy contributed her PCC anniversary gift, customer service award and an additional donation in honor of her new daughter, Penelope Hannah, and Janice Parker made an additional gift to celebrate the birth of Sophia Horan Boyd. The Greenlake deli piggybank added $15.60.

Welcome to newborn:
Sophia Horan Boyd

Praying for the Fund:
Sr. Margaret, CAJP
Carmelite Sisters of St. Joseph Monastery, Shoreline
Dominican Sisters of Edmonds
School Sisters of Notre Dame, Mankato, MN

Businesses and Organizations:
allGoode Organics
Annie’s Homegrown
CafŽ Ambrosia
Tony’s Coffee
Velocipede Architects

The PCC Farmland Fund works to secure and preserve threatened farmland in Washington State and move it into organic production. For more information, see the PCC Farmland Fund web page

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