Farmland Fund receives letters from homes

by Jody Aliesan, PCC Farmland Fund President and Operating Officer

This article was originally published in January 2002

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Every day gifts arrive in the mail for the Farmland Fund. Many of the generous donors write a short note of solidarity and encouragement, either on the donation form or on a separate piece of paper. In celebration of the Delta Farm’s success story, Farming and Habitat: Sharing with the neighbors, we’d like to share the voices of some of the people who saved that land:

“I firmly believe that we must set aside land for farming — especially around towns and cities. Small, organic farms seem to me to be our hope for sustainable agriculture.” “I would like this fruit tree donation to be made in memory of my Dad — who was always a farm boy at heart and loved his orchard.”

“I grew up in farm country and am saddened that we seem to have such an eagerness in this day and age to do away with this important land and replace it with suburbs and office parks.”

“What a privilege to be involved with the Farmland Fund. Thanks for making it possible for us to build such good karma — something my Wyoming cowboy father believed in for nearly 40 years.”

“I told Nash how proud I was of PCC for getting the farm. He said what meant most to him was that now there’s a future for the young people.”

“I grew up on a farm that has now become apartments. This takes me back to my childhood.”

“Nash’s farms are within a mile of my house. I’m really pleased to see my old co-op and my neighbor form this partnership.”

“My mother read about the Farmland Fund in the newspaper and promptly called my brother and me to challenge us to match her donation. This is quite atypical of my mother’s usual style so she must have been very inspired by your wonderful program!”

“We generally donate a portion of our annual profits to select organizations working toward sustainable development. It is with pleasure that our firm presents the enclosed donation to your organization, to use as you determine in furthering your mission.”

“Here is my check. Keep up the good work. People can’t eat apartments or houses. Farmland is needed kept as farmland! I support the farmers 100 percent. God bless them. We need them.”

“I have spent much time in the Sequim area and have enjoyed traveling the farmland there. I have been saddened by all the development over the years. I hope that you can save some of it. Good luck.”

“Even though the closest PCC market is miles away from here, precluding any regular shopping with you, I do hit a store at times with my children who are steady customers. However, we do want to support your Farmland Fund and enclose a check and one from our son.”

“I grew up in Federal Way and have watched the almost entire Kent and Tacoma area lose farmland to development. I hope our donation can help reverse this trend! What a wonderful thing PCC is doing!”

“Great work to set up this Farmland Fund! Since I moved to Sequim I re-joined the Farm Share Program and enjoy Nash’s wonderful organic produce delivered to my doorstep. With your help, Nash’s Best Carrots will keep coming!”

The PCC Farmland Fund works to secure and preserve threatened farmland in Washington State and move it into organic production. For more information, see PCC Farmland Fund.

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