The spirit of thanks and giving

by Nancy Gagnat, Cash for the Hungry Program Administrator

This article was originally published in November 2001

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PCC West Seattle staffers Reed Schilbach and Scott McCormick present a check for $1,000 to West Seattle Food Bank Director, Francis Yeatts, and Assistant Director, Tina Litkie.

Cash for the Hungry has been knit into the fabric of PCC for so many years that it’s become a quiet, steady part of PCC’s ongoing community partnerships. It’s always been supported by voluntary contributions, without prominent promotions or active solicitation. Volunteers truly drive this program and without them, Cash for the Hungry wouldn’t be possible at PCC. As a grocery store, we just don’t have the staff or budget. Cash for the Hungry is only possible due to more than 70 active volunteers and hundreds of shoppers who donate in our stores.

Each day, shoppers like you make cash donations at our registers ranging from pennies to several dollars. Those donations are added up every other month and used to purchase bulk, nutritious food. Since it comes in 25-lb bags, volunteers package the food into individual-sized packages, easy for the food banks to handle and give away to those in need.

Sometimes we get large donations, too. One example was from a local buying club, “Cheap Eats.” PCC’s Cash for the Hungry received a very generous donation of $879 from them in August. Cheap Eats members collected donations until they felt they could offer a substantial donation to an organization. They chose Cash for the Hungry because 100 percent of their donation would be given to local food banks in the form of cash or food. Thank you, Cheap Eats!

Another large donation arrived recently from a PCC member who donated her entire tax rebate check. Thanks, Katherine Guthrie!

West Seattle barbecue
Sometimes individual stores organize events to increase donations. One was a barbecue at the West Seattle PCC store during Hi-Yu Days in July. The event was a smashing success, with more than $800 collected at the booth. All proceeds, as well as $200 in donations were presented to the West Seattle Food Bank. Many thanks to the vendors who donated product for the event, and the PCC staff from the West Seattle store.

Please give In this time of uncertainty, more people rely on food banks. Donating to local food banks or volunteering your time at one of our Cash for the Hungry work parties is something you can do at a local level.

Donations can be made at any PCC checkstand. For more information, please call 206-547-1222.

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