Spring clean your body

by Kathryn Russell

This article was originally published in March 2001

If you want to find the best way to get a mustard stain out of your upholstery, ask Heloise. But when it’s time to clean the vehicle that houses your soul — your body — ask a PCC health and bodycare specialist. Our staff can help you find what you want to spring clean your body from head to toe, from the inside out. Shed your winter skin with an exfoliator. Rid your hair of product build-up with a super-cleansing shampoo. Detoxify your colon, liver, lymph system and skin with our cleansing programs.

Rejuvenate your internal systems with detoxifying cleanse. For centuries and throughout many cultures, people have long realized the benefits of internal cleansing. Regular cleansing reportedly can increase energy, mental clarity and an overall healthier feeling. This occurs because the special properties of detoxifying formulas cleanse and tone the digestive and eliminative tract so nutrients can be absorbed more easily. It’s a way of “taking out the trash” so your body can function better.

Contrary to the cleansing regimens of the past, many cleansing programs today don’t require fasting. Ask PCC’s knowledgeable staff for help in determining the right cleanse for you. Two of the most popular are Zand’s Quick Cleanse and Nature’s Secret A.M./P.M. Ultimate Cleanse.

Zand’s Quick Cleanse is a one-week program that cleanses the liver and colon and eliminates toxins. This uncomplicated tablet regimen comes with an easy-to-follow chart and answers to the typical questions of a first-time cleanser.

Nature’s Secret A.M./P.M. Ultimate Cleanse asserts that its formula contains “29 of the most powerful and superior cleansing herbs known to man.” Developed by Lindsay Duncan, CN, who has been studying the effects of internal cleansing for 12 years, this program helps to “stimulate and detoxify the body, while sweeping, toning and cleansing the entire digestive and eliminative system.”

Outside — from head …
Catch the rays of the spring sun in your hair, shining from all-natural hair care products such as those from Giovanni. Arthur Giovanni, the owner of Giovanni Healthful Hair Care Products, developed shampoos to remove product build-up gently from hair, revealing a naturally clean shine. As a veteran hair stylist to Hollywood’s rich and famous for the past 17 years, Giovanni put his time and research into what works and what doesn’t — studying manageability, deep cleansing, scalp health and shine on all hair types.

Giovanni realized that hair needs a “nutritional diet,” so he developed products whose base consists of vitamins, herbs, minerals, proteins and nutrients. This vegetable protein base enables Giovanni Products to claim that using them exclusively will eliminate build-up. Two favorites of his line are the Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo (for oily hair, itchy scalp and to remove build-up) and 50/50 Balance Shampoo (for normal to dry hair/colored or permanent wave). Come to the store for more details or visit the website at www.giovannicosmetics.com.

… to toe
To complete a thorough spring cleaning of your body, don’t ignore your most visible asset — your skin. All skin types benefit from a good exfoliator. Exfoliating products slough off dead skin allowing new radiant skin to show.

Roxanne Green (HABA Coordinator at the Kirkland PCC store) recommends Gabriel’s Botanical Exfoliator for your face. This product is an exceptional skin polisher and contains natural jojoba beads which are kind and gentle to the face’s sensitive surface. A demonstrator favorite for whole body exfoliation is Organic Body Polish. This pure sea salt exfoliant removes dead skin and unclogs pores to prepare the skin for absorbing the added emollient oils. It’s great for polishing neglected elbows and heels. On a daily basis, try Pure and Basic Lotus Body Scrub Bar. This gentle exfoliating soap bar contains lotus leaves and the soft fragrance of jasmine, ylang-ylang and citrus.

From the inside out, from head to toe — your body benefits from a spring cleaning. Each of our stores has staff educated specifically on natural heath and beauty products. Ask a department specialist for help. Your body will thank you!

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