Letters to the editor, February 2001

This article was originally published in February 2001

Genetically altered salmon

Dear Editor:

As a long time member of PCC, I am pleased to see that the efforts to develop reasonable national organic standards have been successful … A crucial part of the process was the role PCC and other organizations played in educating the public about the details of the pending regulations …

While achieving national organic standards is a big step forward, it is by no means the end of the trail. There are still areas of concern regarding our sources of food that still are completely unregulated and … the implications are frightening. I am speaking of genetically altered salmon. Salmon farming is a growing industry and minimally regulated, if at all. The risks involved are enormous, both health?wise and economics?wise. I would like to see PCC be a leader in promoting a public awareness campaign on this issue, just as you did with the national organic standards.

I think that people feel just as strongly about genetically altered salmon as they do about produce, but they are unaware that it is even an issue. We need to let the government know that there are people out here who insist on a safe, healthy food supply, both on land and in the oceans.

—Katherine R. Haven
PCC member since 1981

[Editor: see www.edf.org/pubs/Reports/aquaculture and www.fir.state.ak.us/local/akpages/FISH.GAME/geninfo for more on genetic engineering in aquaculture.]

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