Yogi Echinacea Immune Tea Recall

April 22, 2024

The East West Tea Company LLC has voluntarily recalled the following product due to a possible quality standards issue. One source of the Echinacea ingredient may not meet the quality standards that Yogi Teas promises with their product and was used in their Echinacea Immune Support tea.


Yogi Echinacea Immune Tea, 16 Ct

UPC: 76950450103
Lot Code: 0186900; Best By Date: 12/3/2025
Lot Code:0186902; Best By Date: 12/11/2025
Lot Code: 0186904; Best By Date: 12/11/2025
Lot Code: 0187357; Best by Date: 12/19/2025
Lot Code: 0187400; Best By Date: 1/7/2026
Lot Code: 0187402; Best By Date: 1/10/2026
Lot Code: 0187769; Best By Date: 1/8/2026
Lot Code: 0188030; Best By Date: 1/24/2026
Lot Code: 0188114; Best By Date: 1/31/2026
Lot Code : 0188116; Best By Date: 2/1/2026
Lot Code: 0188185; Best By Date: 2/5/2026
Lot Code: 0188187; Best By Date: 2/6/2026
Lot Code: 0188189; Best By Date: 2/7/2026

You may return product purchased at PCC for a full refund.


For more information, please contact Yogi Tea by filling out the form on their website.