Product Withdrawal: Miyoko’s Vegan Mozz

July 9, 2018

Miyoko’s has voluntarily withdrawn the following product due to degraded quality. There is no food safety issue.

Vegan Mozz

UPC: 8 57554 00532 2
Lot Codes and Best By Dates:

118072D (Best By 09/14/2018)
118087D (Best By 09/29/2018)
118093A (Best By 10/05/2018)
118093C (Best By 10/05/2018)
118094A (Best By 10/06/2018)
118095B (Best By 10/07/2018)
118095D (Best By 10/07/2018)
118109A (Best By 10/21/2018)
118109B (Best By 10/21/2018)
118109D (Best By 10/21/2018)
118114C (Best By 10/26/2018)
118114D (Best By 10/26/2018)
118116A (Best By 10/28/2018)
118116B (Best By 10/28/2018)
118116C (Best By 10/28/2018)
118116D (Best By 10/28/2018)
118120A (Best By 11/01/2018)
118120C (Best By 11/01/2018)
118120D (Best By 11/01/2018)
118121B (Best By 11/02/2018)
118121C (Best By 11/02/2018)

You may return product purchased at PCC for a full refund.


For more information, please contact Miyoko’s at 415-521-5313.