August 31, 2018

King Bio has voluntarily recalled the following products due to the possible presence of microbial contaminants. All lot codes are included in the recall.

Dr. King’s Baby Colic Relief, 2 fl. oz.

UPC: 35795551582

Dr. King’s Kids Tummy Aches, 2 fl. oz.

UPC: 35795551462

Dr. King’s Baby Teething, 2 fl. oz.

UPC: 35795550182

Dr. King’s Acute Pain Relief, 3 oz.

UPC: 357955400134

Dr. King’s Advanced Arnica, 3 oz.

UPC: 357955400035

Dr. King’s Asthma Symptom Relief, 2 fl. oz.

UPC: 357955504429

Dr. King’s Lungs & Bronchial Relief, 2 fl. oz.

UPC: 357955505327

Dr. King’s Regional Allergies: Pacific U.S., 2 fl. oz.

UPC: 357955519324

Dr. King’s Sinus Relief, 2 fl. oz.

UPC: 357955513421

Dr. King’s Sleep Aid, 2 fl. oz.

UPC: 357955503927

Dr. King’s Smoke Control, 2 fl. oz.

UPC: 357955508021

You may return product purchased from PCC for a full refund. For more information, please contact King Bio at 888-298-2740 or