Extended Product Recall: RXBAR

January 15, 2019

RXBAR has voluntarily recalled the following products because they may contain trace amounts of undeclared peanut, an allergen.

The affected products include an advisory on the package label relating to peanuts that notes the bars are “Manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk, soy, and wheat,” so those most allergic would likely not purchase or consume these bars.

RXBAR Apple Cinnamon 1.83 OZ

UPC: 85777700417

RXBAR Blueberry 1.83 OZ

UPC: 85777700419

RXBAR Chocolate Chip 1.83 OZ

UPC: 85777700469

RXBAR Chocolate Coconut 1.83 OZ

UPC: 85777700421

RXBAR Coffee Chocolate 1.83 OZ

UPC: 85777700422

RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt 1.83 OZ

UPC: 85777700423

RXBAR Maple Sea Salt 1.83 OZ

UPC: 85777700441

RXBAR Mint Chocolate 1.83 OZ

UPC: 85777700433

RXBAR Mixed Berry 1.83 OZ

UPC: 85777700467

RXBAR Kids Berry Blast 1.16 OZ

UPC: 85777700475

RXBAR Kids Chocolate Chip 1.16 OZ

UPC: 85777700476

RXBAR Kids Apple Cinnamon Raisin 1.16 OZ

UPC: 85777700477

You may return product purchased at PCC for a full refund.


This notice is limited to the product supplied to PCC. For a for a full list of affected RXBAR products and their Best By Dates, please contact RXBAR at support@RXBAR.com.