Product Alert: Romaine Lettuce

November 20, 2018

PCC Community Markets, following the advice of the CDC’s food safety notice posted 11/20/2018, has pulled all romaine lettuce products, including heads of romaine, salad mixes containing romaine, and PCC Deli items containing romaine. The warning is not specific to romaine from any particular agricultural area or supplier. Additionally, the CDC is advising all consumers to dispose of any romaine they have at home.

From the CDC statement:

“CDC is advising that U.S. consumers not eat any romaine lettuce, and retailers and restaurants not serve or sell any, until we learn more about the outbreak. This investigation is ongoing and the advice will be updated as more information is available.”

No official recall has bee issued to date. For more information, read the CDC’s full statement.

The following products sold at PCC have the potential to be affected.

PCC Deli items:

PCC Asian Chicken Salad
PCC Bacon Picante Collard Wrap
PCC Beet and Chèvre Salad
PCC Blueberry Hazelnut Salad
PCC Caesar Salad
PCC Casa Salad
PCC Chef Salad
PCC Gorgonzola Wild Greens Salad
PCC Greek Salad
PCC Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
PCC Grilled Salmon Salad
PCC House Green Salad
PCC Gorgonzola Wild Greens Salad
PCC Greek Salad
PCC Grilled Salmon Salad
PCC House Green Salad
PCC Moroccan Tuna and Green Bean Salad
PCC Organic Spring Mix (salad bar)
PCC Romaine Lettuce (salad bar)
PCC Tuna Avocado Collard Wrap
PCC Tuna Salad with Organic Wild Greens
PCC Turkey Caesar Wrap
PCC Turkey Caesar Collard Wrap
PCC Taco Salad Greens (Taqueria)

produce items:

PCC Cut Romaine
Cal-O Romaine Hearts
Earthbound Chopped Caesar Salad Kit
Earthbound Chopped Sweet Kale Kit
Earthbound Chopped Asian Salad Kit
Earthbound Chopped Southwest Kit
Earthbound 50/50 Spinach Mesclun Mix
Earthbound Romaine Hearts
Earthbound Baby Romaine Salad Mix
Earthbound Baby Greens Salad Mix
Earthbound 50/50 Salad Mix
Josie Chopped Sriracha Salad
Josie Chopped BBQ Ranch Salad
Josie Chopped Mediterranean Crunch Salad
Josie Chopped Southwest Salad
Organic Girl Romaine Heart Leaves
Organic Girl 50/50 Mix
Organic Girl Baby Spring Mix
Organic Girl Baby Kale Salad Mix
Organic Girl Baby Green Salad Mix
Organic Girl Whole Heart Leaves
Organic Girl Mesclun Mix
Organic Girl 50/50 Mesclun Spinach Mix
Organic Girl Romaine Hearts
Taylor Farms Sriracha Ranch Chopped Salad Kit
Taylor Farms Toasted Sesame Chopped Salad Kit
Taylor Farms Asian Ginger Chopped Salad Kit
Foxy Romaine Hearts
Andy Boy Romaine Hearts
Packaged Romaine Hearts
Packaged Romaine Lettuce Leaves
Packaged Red Romaine Lettuce Leaves