PCC Community Markets Rolls Out Self-Check for Added Shopper Safety and Convenience

2021 News

May 28, 2021

Starting this week, PCC is rolling out the addition of self-check kiosks across the co-op. PCC felt it critical to provide this option, in addition to full-service checkout and delivery via Instacart, to offer shoppers a range of solutions that best meet their needs. All kiosks will be cash-free and accept all forms of contactless electronic payment, including credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

The addition of the kiosks comes in direct response to member and shopper feedback for contactless options and to meet changing shopping behaviors.

To ensure the health and safety of staff, members and shoppers, the co-op is still enforcing a number of protocols across the co-op:

  • PCC Clean Team: At the start of the pandemic, the co-op created clean teams in each store who sanitize all high-touch areas. In addition, there is hand sanitizer available for all staff, members and shoppers.
  • Air Filtration: PCC upgraded the quality of its air filters and filters are changed more frequently: the amount of airflow in-store has been increased to boost circulation.
  • Capacity: Each store is limiting capacity to 50%. The co-op appreciates your patience should you need to wait briefly before shopping and the stores are also available to shop online through Instacart.
  • Socially Distanced: PCC encourages members and shoppers to practice social distancing using dots on the floor and additional signage throughout the stores. Inside seating remains closed at this time, but where available, outside tables and chairs are in a layout allowing for six feet of distance between them, and there will be frequent monitoring and sanitizing of tables by staff at least hourly.
  • Self-Serve: In each self-serve area (bulk, deli salad bar, grain bar, hot bar and soup bar), PCC is following all necessary precautions, including providing hand sanitizer, sanitizing and changing serving utensils, and having staff monitor the areas.

In addition, the co-op is taking the following steps to keep staff safe during working hours:

  • Conducting wellness checks on each employee at the start of each shift;
  • Plexiglass dividers are installed at check stands to give additional protection to cashiers;
  • Adjusting staff lounges and expanding use of other areas, like classrooms, to create more space for staff breaks and lunches;
  • Staff huddles are hosted daily at each store to ensure that staff have an opportunity to receive updates in a timely manner and a forum to ask questions of store management;
  • Ensuring all vendors wear masks and socially distance in receiving; and
  • Requiring all staff to wear masks.

PCC will continue to prioritize the health and safety of its staff, members and shoppers.

The addition of the new self-check kiosks is on track to be completed across the co-op by the end of summer.

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