News Brief: Recognizing Women Producers in Celebration of Women’s History Month

2021 News

This March, PCC is excited to showcase a range of women entrepreneurs whose products are found on our shelves. From cheeses and meats to sauces and snacks, you can find products from women-led businesses throughout the co-op.

Beyond our shelves, PCC is also proud to support women in leadership roles. The co-op’s CEO and President is a woman, as is 60% of the PCC Board of Trustees. To further support gender balance across the co-op, 51% of leadership roles are currently held by women.

PCC supports the women in its community during Women’s History Month and throughout the year. Here are just a few ways you can support the women-driven businesses found at the co-op:

Savor the Flavors

It’s easier than you think to take your taste buds on a journey; you don’t even need to leave your neighborhood. Experience the flavors of Nigerian cooking thanks to Naija Buka’s Jollof Sauce or get a taste of Jamaica with Miss Marjorie’s Steel Drum Plantains. Round out your meal with some protein and delicious handmade tortillas:

After taking over the family farm on Whidbey Island, Shelly and Ron joined a new cooperative that gave them the ability to raise, produce, process and sell grass-fed beef locally. Their daughters — Jennifer, Jessica and Roshel — now help run the farm, making 3 Sisters a sixth-generation family operation.

What started in Lupita’s kitchen is now a family affair. Using just five locally sourced ingredients, Lupita created a tortilla based on recipes passed down through generations. Her whole family helps out, from running the business to crafting the tortillas.

Take Time for Self-Care

Any time is the right time to take care of you! Choosing Vitanica supplements for women, aromatherapy and mouth care from Uncle Harry’s or any of the products below can help you feel better while supporting local, women-owned businesses:

Owner and formulator Jody started as an organic farmer and fell in love with medicinal herbs while in college. A fifth-generation Oregonian, she is deeply shaped by the place she calls home and carries those values through to her botanical-based, skin-loving products.

With decades of experience, Makena creates bath and skincare concoctions that aim to be helpful and healing. All of her products, from essential oils to salts, are handpicked and handmade by a devoted team.

Make Meat & Cheese the Star

Did you know you can pick up bread from Seattle’s beloved Macrina Bakery at any one of the co-op’s locations? Grab a loaf and surround it with some of these amazing products for the perfect board:

Herdswoman Ruth and cheesemaker Lori have loved each other for over 20 years, and they lead with love in everything they do. Whether it’s the way they tend the animals and land, or the care they take in crafting their goat-and-sheep-milk cheeses.

Inspired by their twin girls, Lindsay and Jeff decided to pursue their dreams of starting a business. Lindsay’s cheesemaking passion and Jeff’s IT and manufacturing experience led them to the world of artisan cheeses, where they produce wheels like Whatcom Blue. 

Following in the footsteps of Salumi’s founders, the Batali family, Gina and Martinique work alongside a talented team as Coro. They bring together unconventional spices and innovative processes to create their cured meats.

Enjoy Happy Hours

You can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine from Double Canyon, a delicious cocktail from Edmonds’ own Scratch Distillery or any one of these spirited sips:

Dr. Robert Gross and his wife Corrine started with a simple vision: growing grapes in a landscape that inspires. Having grown up walking the vineyards, their daughter Barbara is now at the helm with a commitment to sustainable winemaking.

Former farmer Jill named Freeland Spirits after her grandmother — who taught her all good things come from scratch and that women can be anything they want. Sourcing locally grown grains, Jill’s team of expert distillers, including Molly and Lee, create craft gins.

Longtime friends Anne and Heidi are preserving the Italian recipe for the maraschino cherry using fresh produce grown in Eastern Washington. Bonding over craft cocktails, they knew their cherries could make each sip better — so they brought them to market.


We hope you join us in celebrating these amazing women who help nourish our community!





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