Decades of Dedication in Kirkland

An evolution of our commitment to the Eastside, Kirkland PCC is our fifth location to receive Living Building Challenge (LBC) Petal Certification. Since 1978, our co-op has brought a higher standard of groceries to Kirkland and we continue that legacy today with a store built sustainably from the ground up.

Kirkland PCC Art Installation

Local Art

“A tablecloth is the underlying fabric that makes a meal special, weaving colors and symbols with family traditions. Each column in this installation features a tablecloth design inspired by the textile patterns of a unique culture. As a group, the columns support this gathering space and celebrate the communities that have come together to create the City of Kirkland.”
– Mary Iverson



Sustainable Materials

All wood used is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified. Our work excluding toxic chemicals from all building components was unprecedented in the grocery industry — some components had to be modified or custom designed because toxic-free options were not readily available.

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natural light

Reduced Energy

With over 1,400 square feet of windows, Kirkland PCC was designed to have more than three times the amount of windows as its original location. This allows for more natural daylight, which significantly reduces energy use from indoor lighting.


Energy-Efficient Equipment

Our in-store cooks and kitchen staff use ENERGY STAR Certified equipment wherever possible — our steam cookers use 60% less energy than standard models. Doors installed on refrigerated cases reduce energy use by up to 65%.

Low-Impact Refrigeration

Low-Impact Refrigeration

Our refrigeration system uses CO2 — a natural refrigerant with a global warming potential (GWP) thousands of times lower than that of commonly used synthetic refrigerants. Heat released from the system is reclaimed and recycled. Of the approximately 38,000 supermarket locations in the U.S., less than 2% of existing stores use natural refrigerants exclusively.

Recycled and Repurposedv

Recycled and Repurposed

Many of Kirkland PCC’s fixtures that display products were built with recycled materials and repurposed equipment from other PCC locations, including shelving, racks, tables and even an ice machine.


Low-Flow Fixtures

Compared to standard models, our steam cookers use 90% less water and our dishwashers use 40% less water. We selected faucets that use 60% less water than standard faucets.


Low-Carbon Commuting

Kirkland PCC is surrounded by a variety of shops, restaurants, residential areas and public transit, making it easily accessible by foot, bike, bus and eventually rail.


Habitat Exchange

The International Living Future Institute’s Habitat Exchange program aggregates funds to protect large tracts of contiguous, high-value ecosystems, maximizing the impact of each contribution. PCC contributed funds to protect, in perpetuity, an area of land equivalent to Kirkland PCC’s store footprint.