Michelle Hanneman

PCC Cooking Classes Instructor

Michelle is a culinary enthusiast proudly rooted in her hometown of Seattle. Inspired by the vibrant community and diverse ingredients of the city, Michelle embarked on a culinary journey that began in restaurants and evolved into freelance recipe development and culinary production. She collaborates with restaurants and companies, weaving cohesive and vibrant menus, as well as crafting engaging food content for social media. Most recently, Michelle has been creating instructional recipe videos online. She is now thrilled to share her expertise and passion in-person.

In her leisure time, Michelle channels her culinary creativity into crafting canned goods, making chocolates, catering small events and hosting her friends for dinner. Join Michelle in her classes where she turns everyday ingredients into delightful, memorable meals.

Michelle's PCC Cooking Classes

Elevated Salads and Dressings
Burien, Columbia City, Edmonds, Issaquah
Mexican Street Food
Bellevue, Burien, Columbia City, Green Lake Village
Adults, Hands-On, In-Person

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