Juanita Unger

PCC Cooking Classes Instructor

Juanita offers a distinctive perspective as a non-alcoholic beverage expert and educator, blending over two decades of customer service expertise with a background in education and workforce development. Juanita has spent most of her life in the service industry in some capacity, including 12 years at a prominent Seattle wine bar where she gained deep insights into flavor nuances through wine and food education.
As the founder of The NA Sommelier, Juanita combines her passion for beverages with her versatile skill set. Through informative resources, pop-up nonalcoholic bars, mocktail classes and hospitality consulting services, she aims to share knowledge and cultivate a deeper appreciation for non-alcoholic drinks. Juanita creates immersive learning environments that empower individuals to explore and experiment with flavors and helps students build easy and versatile toolkits they can use to build their own unique mocktails at home.

Juanita's PCC Cooking Classes

Member Event: Mocktail Mixer
Adults, Hands-On, In-Person, Members-only
Summer Sips: Mocktails
Bellevue, Columbia City, Edmonds
Adults, Hands-On, In-Person, Vegetarian

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