Product How-To Guides

Whether you’re unfamiliar with a product or just want to try something new, our product how-to guides are here to walk you through everything you need to know to start cooking.

Choosing the right cooking oil

Choose the right oils for baking, sautéing and frying — and learn which ones are healthiest used raw.

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A guide to natural sweeteners

It’s easy to make your favorite sweet treats with a variety of natural sweeteners, and some may already be in your kitchen!

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Choosing and cooking beans

Beans are among the healthiest, most economical and versatile foods. Try different varieties to enjoy their unique flavors in dishes hot and cold.

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Choosing and preparing rice

Explore a wide array of rice varieties and learn which textures and flavors are well-suited for certain dishes.

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Choosing and cooking whole grains

Learn cooking techniques and storage tips for these delicious, nutritious and economical grains.

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The health benefits of nutritional oils

Discover how different nutritional oils are a natural supplemental source of essential fatty acids that everyone needs for good health.

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Choosing healthy soy foods

When choosing soy foods, pay attention to quality and quantity. Traditional Asian cultures provide a healthful model.

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