PCC Grocery Gift Card FAQ

Where can I buy PCC gift cards?

You can purchase PCC e-gift cards online. To purchase physical PCC gift cards, stop by any of our 16 neighborhood markets.


How are PCC e-gift cards delivered and redeemed?

PCC e-gift cards are delivered to the recipient via email. They will receive an email including the selected theme, amount, message from the purchaser and a scannable code. To redeem in-store, the recipient simply needs to present the code at checkout. To redeem for a cooking class, the recipient must link their e-gift card to their PCC web account and make the purchase online.


How do I redeem my PCC e-gift card online?

To use your PCC e-gift card online to purchase a PCC Cooking Class, you must create or log into a PCC web account. Then, link your e-gift card to your PCC website account. To do so, click the “Link card to PCC account” link in the email you were sent when you received the card. Once your gift card is linked, proceed through the PCC Cooking Classes checkout as usual.


What happens if I forward my PCC e-gift card email?

Whoever receives your forwarded email will be able to activate the PCC e-gift card and access the funds. PCC is not responsible for lost or stolen e-gift cards.


Want to buy an e-gift card online?

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