Winter 2020 Classes

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9th And Hennepin Artisan Donuts: Cake Donuts and Crullers

Justin Newstrum

21+, Adults, Demo, Vegetarian

If you ask us, donuts are best made fresh — and even better when paired with whiskey. Fried-to-order farmers market aficionado Justin Newstrum will teach you to make cake donuts and crullers, glazed with enticing seasonal flavors. Learn to pair each with a small-batch whiskey.

A Healthier Microbiome

Michelle Babb, M.S., R.D., C.D.

Adults, Demo, Gluten-Free

Take a deep dive into your microbiome — the community of organisms that protects your body against germs, breaks down food, and puts essential vitamins and nutrients to work. Learn to incorporate prebiotics, probiotics and nutrient-rich, plant-based foods into your daily routine.

A Taste of Portugal

Tiago Freitas

Adults, Hands-On

Inspired by his father’s cooking, Tiago brings with the tastes and techniques of Portugal to the classroom. Learn to steam succulent clams — a mainstay of the region — build a traditional soup from stock to finish, braise melt-in-your-mouth pork, and craft world-famed custard tarts.

Best of India: Paneer Cheese

Shama Joshi

Adults, Hands-On

Food truck owner Shama made paneer a priority on her menu and now she's imparting her expertise. Get a taste of the cheese-making process and practice using Indian spices as you build the base for paneer dishes: purée greens, cook grains for the perfect pilaf and more.

Best of Macrina Bakery: Baking with Leslie Mackie

Leslie Mackie

Adults, Demo, Vegetarian

Gather for stories from Macrina Bakery's founder, Leslie Mackie, and snag secrets behind beloved menu items like the Morning Glory Muffin.

Chinese Hot Pot at Home

Christina Chung

Adults, Hands-On

Explore the flavors of China with homemade hot pot. Learn to build two classic broths and a dipping sauce to round out regional recipes, from Sichuan to Chaoshan. Using your broth bases, cook up cozy communal meals — the perfect antidote to cold weather!

Cook from the Book: Simple Fruit

Laurie Pfalzer

Adults, Hands-On, Vegetarian

Bake the most of peak citrus season with Laurie’s first cookbook, “Simple Fruit.” The owner of Pastry Craft and longtime PCC instructor will teach about different varieties of citrus and their uses. Learn to use peels and segment the fruit, infuse and extract flavor and so much more.

Cook from The Book: Verdure

Paola Albanesi

21+, Adults, Demo, Vegetarian

With a dash of Italian inspiration, the toughest winter produce comes alive in the kitchen. Watch cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes and more transformed, and delight in the bright flavors of fennel and peak-season citrus. Observe skills like braising and marinating that you can use all year.

Date Night: Winter in Paris

Tiago Freitas

21+, Adults, Hands-On

Impress your valentine with French bites, exquisite wines and fresh skills. On this date, explore French cooking — creating flavor with technique and a few ingredients. Practice correctly caramelizing onions, sear steak in cast-iron, make chocolate mousse and sip curated wines.

Demystifying Spices

Paola Albanesi

Adults, Demo

Beat the winter chill with perfectly spiced meals. Learn spice selection and storage, and how to grind spices at home for even more flavor. See how different spices are used in beloved Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines and get inspired to use them all in new and delicious ways.

Everyday Food as Medicine for Winter

Maribeth Evezich, M.S, R.D.

Adults, Demo, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian

Prevent, manage or resolve chronic disease — with food! Learn strategies for food selection and preparation that help lower inflammation and reduce toxins in your body. Equip yourself to build meal plans around health benefits without sacrificing the flavors you love.

Foolproof Fish

Naomi Tomky

Adults, Hands-On

Take your seafood skills from fraught to foolproof! Local fresh fish expert Naomi Tomky, author of “The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook,” will guide students through every step of three different cooking methods: slow-roasting salmon, baking halibut and steaming clams.

French Croissants

Kaitlin Benjamin

Adults, Hands-On

Try your hand at famed French pastry techniques as you mix the dough and laminate it with butter to achieve that sought-after flakiness. Before baking up three different styles — classic butter, sweet and savory — you’ll learn the secrets to cutting, shaping and proofing the dough.

Fun and Easy Toddler Nutrition

Bethany Waller, N.D.

Adults, Demo, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian

Learn about the foods toddlers need most and how to easily incorporate them into your weekly menu. Meal prep? No problem. Storage secrets? We’ve got ’em. We’ll work on improving hydration and discuss safe and fun strategies for getting your kids involved in the kitchen.

Gnocchi Workshop

Iole Aguero

Adults, Hands-On, Vegetarian

Join Iole — a native of southern Italy — as she shares her time-ripened wisdom in the art of crafting these beloved Italian potato dumplings. You’ll master traditional techniques as you make and shape the dough, cook the gnocchi to tender perfection and enjoy it three ways.

Good Eggs

Holly Tennant, M.S.

Ages 4 to 6, Kid + Adult, Vegetarian

Inspired by the children’s book, "The Good Egg," this class teaches little ones about the traditional methods used to cook eggs without the pressure of perfection. Kids will try their hands at decorating deviled eggs with cut veggies, paint emoji faces on hard-boiled eggs and learn three different ways to cook eggs.

Gourmet Game Night

Cynthia Nims

21+, Adults, Demo

In the throes of a Northwest winter, the indoor dinner party thrives — especially when there’s a healthy dose of competition. Cynthia Nims, Seattle food writer and author of “Gourmet Game Night,” will teach students to prepare a game night spread that’s delicious and easy to serve.

Homemade Falafel

Marianna Stepniewski

Adults, Hands-On, Vegetarian

Make any night falafel night! Take on this popular takeout dish: learn to blend, flavor, hand-form and fry falafel. To complete the meal, practice the techniques required to mix and bake a proper pita, whip up a creamy hummus and create a zesty tzatziki with dried fruit.

Hum Bao At Home

Thanh Tang

Adults, Hands-On

Craft classic Chinese buns from start to finish! Learn to create and knead a yeasted dough then stir-fry scrumptious fillings. Perfect the technique for wrapping these humble buns before cooking them up using two different methods: traditional steaming and baking.

Kids Bake Pie

Lisa Crawford

Ages 10 to 12, Kid + Adult

The best cure for grey skies? Fresh-baked pies. Kids and adults will work together to make two different types of pie: savory pot pie and sweet hand pie. Each provides a great opportunity for learning baking basics — like making pastry dough and crafting both sweet and savory flavors.

Kitchen Chemistry: Pudding

Cam Zarcone

Ages 7 to 9, Kids Only, Vegetarian

Decode dessert science by whipping up three very different, very delicious puddings. Kids will learn to use the stovetop while unlocking the science-based secrets of starches, foams, pH and more. This class builds a solid foundation for future kitchen success.

Let's Do Brunch

Tiago Freitas

21+, Adults, Hands-On

Skip the weekend brunch lines and cook something up from scratch! Learn how to perfectly poach an egg, make an exquisite hollandaise sauce — without cooking an accidental scramble! — and whip up an aptly airy Dutch baby pancake while sipping mimosas.

Let's Make Dinner

PCC Cooks Staff

Ages 4 to 6, Kid + Adult, Vegetarian

Kids who help make dinner are more likely to eat a healthy, balanced diet — and we’re here to help make the process fun! We’ll work together in small groups while preparing dinner items well-suited for little hands. Kids will get plenty of practice with chopping, mixing and teamwork.

Mastering Meat and Poultry

Michael Diem

Adults, Demo

Make the most of your meat. In this class, go on a step-by-step journey through cleaning, prepping and cooking three different types of meat — chicken, beef and pork — covering everything from roasting to searing to pressure cooking.

One-Bowl Meals

Seppo Farrey

Adults, Hands-On

Pulling inspiration from his cookbook, “3 Bowls,” and his love of meal prep, Seppo will teach techniques for eating well all week! Discover shopping strategies, create a game plan for weekend prep, and build flexible meals that cater to every palate — no recipe required!

Parisian Pastry for Teens

Lee Baker

Ages 12 to 16, Kids Only, Vegetarian

A crowd-pleaser at any holiday party, cream puffs are as fun to make as they are to eat. This class will take teens through each step of crafting these sweet treats from scratch: the shell, the delicate craquelin pastry, two different mousse fillings and finally, a chocolate dipping sauce.

Perfect New York-style Pizza

Tiago Freitas

Adults, Hands-On

Take a bite of New York without leaving the Northwest. Recreate a proper New York slice, starting with its incomparably crispy crust. Craft and stretch dough, simmer sauce, and get familiar with a pizza stone and peel as you dive into the century-long history of this iconic dish.

Pizza Di Napoli

Iole Aguero

Adults, Hands-On

Put together a proper Italian slice with guidance from Iole, a native of Naples! She’ll help you navigate this authentic dish starting with a tried-and-true homemade dough. Combine toppings to put your own spin on tradition and bake it to perfection using a baking stone and pizza peel.

Ready, Set, Bake!

Lisa Crawford

Ages 10 to 12, Kids Only, Vegetarian

Don’t get bored — get baking! Winter is the perfect season for kids to explore in the kitchen. Students will make both their own bread dough and sweet dough for cinnamon rolls, learn the magical properties of yeast and discover flavorful uses for different types of flour.

Sicilian Street Food

Abby Canfield

Adults, Hands-On

How better to explore Sicily than through its street foods? Learn classic techniques, like how to craft creamy gelato, achieve a rich and tender crumb on a brioche for a traditional breakfast, fry a crunchy-on-the-outside and delicate-on-the-inside crocchè, and more.

Sprouted Superfoods

Birgitte Antonsen, N.T.P.

Adults, Gluten-Free, Hands-On, Vegetarian

Boost the benefits of inherently nutritious legumes! Grow your superfood skillset as you make legumes easier to digest through sprouting. Pick up plenty of prep tips along the way as you put your sprouted legumes to the taste test in three hearty vegetarian dishes.

Tea Time

Erica Weisman

Ages 2 to 3, Kid + Adult, Vegetarian

We’re taking your toddler’s tea party to a whole new level! Have fun learning simple, long-lasting kitchen activities that little ones will love to take part in. Put together tasty tea sandwiches and hand pies, bake perfectly plump blueberry muffins and learn to blend your own herbal teas.

Thai Favorites at Home 

Pranee Halvorsen

Adults, Hands-On

Learn the secrets of authentic Thai cooking! With insight from her childhood in Thailand, Pranee will teach you to build and balance flavors: sweet, sour, salty and spicy. Practice the skills needed to craft classic Thai dishes, from stir-frying rice noodles to making curry sauce.

The Gruffalo’s Feast

Lee Baker

Ages 4 to 6, Kid + Adult, Vegetarian

Let’s go on an adventure! We have reimagined the beloved children’s book “The Gruffalo” into a creative and flavorful cooking class built for any budding chef. Kids will learn to make their own personal pizza, fresh fruit salad and their very own Gruffalo Crumble!

The Malaysian Table

Thanh Tang

Adults, Hands-On

Brighten winter meals with the robust flavors of Southeast Asia! Explore a melting pot of Malaysian culinary traditions — a fusion of Chinese, Indian and Indonesian cuisines. Learn to braise beef; cook with coconut, chiles and lemongrass; and temper eggs for a silky custard.

Turkish High Tea

Pinar Ozhal

Adults, Hands-On

Indulge in an elegant high tea — a memorable tradition from our instructor’s home in Turkey. Steep two types of tea, then pair them with traditional bites. Learn to work with delicate phyllo dough, balance spices in dips and spreads, and create jams with dried fruit.

Vietnamese Table

Thanh Tang

Adults, Gluten-Free, Hands-On

Explore the flavors of northern Vietnam while you gain cooking skills for any day of the week. Try your hand at pan-searing cod to perfection, grill up golden brown chicken, learn the tricks to cooking tender rice noodles and refresh your knife skills as you work through jackfruit.

Winter in Piedmont

Paola Albanesi

21+, Adults, Demo, Gluten-Free

Learn to craft a menu inspired by this globally beloved Italian food destination. Learn how to bake polenta, braise meat, broil bell peppers, and craft bagna cauda, a rich garlic-anchovy dip that originated in Piedmont in the 16th century.

Wok Star

Christina Chung

Ages 12 to 16, Kids Only

Chinese cuisine highlights many versatile ingredients and techniques. Teens will prepare a delicious and authentic noodle dish, make quick fried rice and master the basics of stir-frying. They’ll use various kitchen tools and come away excited to recreate these dishes at home.