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Our seasoned instructors and chefs are chosen to be part of our program because of their culinary expertise, sincere enthusiasm and talent for teaching. Along with great cooking ideas, our instructors share helpful nutrition advice and give you beyond-the-basic ways to incorporate your classroom experiences into your everyday cooking.


We’re always accepting applications for cooking instructors excited to share their skills and experience.

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Kausar is a chef, food stylist and cooking instructor with over 20 years of experience in South Asian culinary arts. She was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan where her mother taught her how to cook. She is the author of “The Karachi Kitchen”, a cookbook featuring classic and contemporary South Asian recipes from her childhood and motherhood. Kausar is best known for her work through Kitchen Craft, an organization she founded in 2009 that offers free nutrition and cooking workshops to women and youth in high-risk communities around Karachi, with the goal of promoting healthy eating and hygiene habits amongst impoverished families. The internationally-acclaimed entrepreneur has served as a chef, food stylist, cooking show producer and host, and culinary instructor in Pakistan and the United States.

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Paola grew up in Milan in a family devoted to making good food. When she moved to Seattle in 2005, she started matching local ingredients with regional Italian cooking. Paola began teaching cooking classes at PCC in 2011, and her background includes recipe development for the Italian branch of All Recipes. When she is not in the kitchen, Paola loves to spend time with her family, traveling and exploring new places and discovering new flavors. She believes a beautiful meal starts with fresh, seasonal ingredients, enjoyed with family and friends.

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Birgitte cultivated her love of great food and food preparation as a youngster in her native country of Denmark. As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), her primary focus is to restore health to the gut as a gateway to wellness and balance. Her cooking style and techniques are based on nutrient dense, properly prepared whole foods, with an emphasis on gluten, grain and dairy-free foods, sprouted ingredients, and cultured and fermented superfoods. She currently offers private nutritional consultations, private chef services with weekly menu offerings, cooking parties and classes for smaller groups.

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Laurence grew up in Chantilly close to Paris with a family of food lovers. As a child, she spent time discovering the flavors of the local farmers markets where her parents were merchants. After more than 20 years in the telco business, she changed career paths to become a pastry chef. As a student at the Ateliers des Sens in Paris, she has been coached by world class teachers from the Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts in Paris. Laurence graduated with a French Pastry Chef professional certificate and shares her passion by teaching classes to students of all ages. Laurence loves revisiting traditional French pastries by updating them with spices and fresh herbs.

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As a 28-year culinary industry veteran, Chef Kristi Brown has done just about everything from working as a dishwasher and prep cook to running her own catering business, That Brown Girl Catering, for nearly a decade. From the beginning, Kristi’s vision was to focus on the art and experience of food through culinary activism – a purpose powered by her mantra “Everybody’s Gotta Eat”. At her restaurant Communion, Kristi serves food rooted in traditional American soul food and influenced by her experiences living in the Pacific Northwest. In May 2021, Condé Nast Traveler named Communion one of the 12 best new restaurants in the world and Kristi has been a featured chef for the James Beard: Taste America series.

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Lisa has loved the kitchen for as long as she can remember. While she has experience teaching regular school subjects to kindergartners through sixth graders, as well as cooking and baking professionally, Lisa finds real delight helping people of all ages connect to food. Through her business, The Tiny Kitchen, Lisa works to empower cooks young and old to use great ingredients and transform those ingredients into meals for the whole family. Lisa is a member of the Bread Bakers Guild of America.

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Rachel is the owner of Thyme to Nourish, a personal chef and food education service focused on whole foods and healthy eating. Trained at the Culinary Arts Program at The Art Institute of Seattle, Rachel spent her early years with a mom who loved to experiment with food. She also immersed herself in Southeast Asian and Indian cuisines while living in Malaysia. Today, Rachel focuses on providing good food to good people and can be found at Thyme2nourish.com.

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Tiago graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 2014. After graduation, he honed his skills as a lead sauté cook for a fine dining establishment. He has been teaching cooking classes for the last five years, and has found teaching to be one of the most gratifying experiences of his life. Tiago is also a wine enthusiast and certified sommelier.

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Aran is a Seattle-based, Basque born and raised cookbook author, food stylist, photographer and creator of the world-renowned blog "Cannelle et Vanille," a two-time James Beard Award finalist for Best Individual Food Blog. Aran’s work has been featured in The New York Times, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Condé Nast Traveler, GFF magazine, Travel & Leisure, Vogue, Cherry Bombe, and many more. Aran focuses on gluten-free baking and cooking and her most recent book, Cannelle et Vanille Bakes Simple was published in November 2021.

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Pranee learned to cook from her mother and grandmother in Phuket, Thailand. When she came to Seattle, she brought her mortar and pestle and began cooking for friends. She is now a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals and the owner of I Love Thai Cooking, where she teaches, and shares recipes and cooking wisdom. She goes to Thailand yearly to collect and preserve authentic recipes and is working on a cookbook. Pranee says, “You don’t need to visit Thailand to learn Thai cooking.”

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Shama joined PCC after a 14-year tech career at Microsoft and a brief but wildly successful stint as food truck entrepreneur. Her truck, Roll OK Please, delighted locals with fresh paneer and kathi rolls and even received national recognition from Anthony Bourdain. Now she shares her passion for food and knowledge of regional Indian cuisine through cooking classes. Shama loves demystifying Indian culinary techniques, and showcasing the incredible diversity of dishes and flavors found in Indian cooking.

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Carly Knowles, MS, RDN, LD is a masters-educated Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Postpartum Doula. She specializes in holistic postpartum care for new mothers and families including nutritional counseling and private chef services. She recently published her first cookbook The Nutritionist’s Kitchen: Transform Your Diet and Discover the Healing Power of Whole Foods that focuses on seasonal whole foods to nourish good health and bring joy. Carly continues to offer virtual health and cooking classes, food and nutrition writing, and recipe development and nutrition consulting for healthy food and cookware brands. You can find Carly at carlyknowles.com.

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Ashley is a maker of all things, mostly in the kitchen and the garden. After a near decade of global public health work, she has come back to her kitchen again and again as a source of creativity, comfort, and community building. Ashley believes in food as a lens for exploring culture, tradition, and social practice. This is especially try with the time-honored techniques of preservation. When Ashley isn't in the kitchen, she is likely with her one year old daughter in the garden, sewing, or playing with clay.

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Brittany-born Emma is proud of her Celtic heritage. She learned to make crêpes from her mother, who learned from hers, probably before learning to read. Half of the restaurants in Brittany are crêperies, and Emma is passionate about sharing the authenticity of Breton culture and its cuisine with others. When not cooking, Emma runs a nonprofit, TINFA.org, dedicated to empowering teachers in underserved areas of the world.

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Kim O’Donnel is a 20-year veteran of the food world, as a chef, journalist, and teacher. She has dispensed culinary advice and covered food policy for numerous publications including Civil Eats, The Washington Post and USA Today. The first Meatless Monday blogger on record, Kim is a known authority on the continuing trend of eating less meat for health and environmental reasons. She is the author of three vegetarian cookbooks, including her most recent PNW Veg: 100 Vegetable Recipes Inspired by the Local Bounty of the Pacific Northwest.

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Yary Oslund is a Cuban national who came to the United States in 2003. She acquired her love and respect for food from her mother, who has been a chef for 40 years. Trained at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Seattle, Yary shares her passion for cooking natural foods while giving students an unforgettable culinary experience. Yary also graduated as a Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner in 2001 and currently advises her clients on the nutritional value of food and different styles of eating.

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Omid was born and raised in Tehran and spent his early childhood by the Caspian Sea building sandcastles, flying kites and riding his banana-seat, high-handlebar bike. He has taught cooking classes with PCC for over 15 years, cooked as a private chef and works as a psychoanalyst by day. Omid is excited to share his love of the Persian culture and traditions as he takes you on a culinary journey to experience Iran’s unique and rich cuisine through storytelling and humorous anecdotes from his childhood.

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Growing up in Nigeria, Lilian spent her holidays learning how to cook traditional, labor-intensive meals with her grandma. When she moved to Seattle six years ago, Lilian realized that people had no idea what Nigerian food was, so she started creating her own products to share the flavors of Nigerian cooking with more people. Naija Buka’s mission is to introduce authentic African-Nigerian cuisine to the world, with a focus on simplicity and convenience. For Lilian, Naija Buka is not just a business — it’s her way of preserving and sharing her food heritage.

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Elaine was born and raised in Hong Kong, and grew up with authentic Chinese and pan-Asian food. She has lived in Canada and the US for 30 years and traveled to 50 countries. Elaine left the corporate world after 20 years to focus on her passion for home-style cooking. She is the founder of Dash of Soy, a local Seattle culinary school that focuses on sharing the love for simple, delicious and healthy home cooking inspired by her family and all her travels.

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Marianna is a pastry chef and Washington native who grew up in the central part of the state. After several years in the veterinary industry, Marianna switched careers and now teaches cooking all around the Puget Sound and as far east as Snoqualmie. Marianna focuses on technique-driven classes and loves to demystify the cooking and baking process and its associated sciences.

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Amy worked in the non-profit animal advocacy field for decades before combining her background in education, culinary training, and drive to help farm animals to become a vegan chef. In 2018 she started Rainy Day Vegan to teach others how easy and delicious plant-based cooking is with fun cooking classes around the Seattle area. She has also worked as a chef for the Humane Society of the United States since 2015, developing recipes and leading culinary trainings to food service professionals around the country. Amy loves sharing tips for making vegan versions of traditional food with humor and sprinkles of facts about why it’s better for us all.

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Erica is a passionate cook and educator. She received her bachelors degree in Urban Planning at the University of Washington while working at Seattle's renowned fine-dining restaurant, Canlis as a professional cook. In 2017 she went on to co-found Seattle Cucina Cooking School. The Cucina team has grown from 2 to 19, is now in 40+ Seattle area schools, and runs more classes out of their learning kitchen. Erica is thrilled to be sharing her love of cooking and eating together with Seattle kids and families. She also enjoys spending her time with her cat, singing in a few choirs and watercolor painting.

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Eleni was born and raised in Ethiopia. After moving to the United states in 2001, she worked in accounting for a few years. After her first son was born Eleni found herself at home with a lot of time to recreate the kind of dishes she enjoyed growing up in Ethiopia. This time cooking inspired her to begin sharing those dishes with others, and she established her Ethiopian food business, Eleni’s Kitchen. Eleni’s kitchen has been catering traditional Ethiopian food in Portland, OR for the last eight years. Eleni also teaches Ethiopian cooking classes at Portland Community College.

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Cam never planned to leave her career as an award-winning journalist, but a life spent cooking — and teaching others the joy of it — finally proved too irresistible. She received her professional culinary training from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In addition to her work at PCC, she teaches several innovative multidisciplinary cooking classes at Edmonds Heights K-12, covering everything from world folklore and history to science and environmental policy. Her food writing has appeared in publications including The Boston Globe. Follow her on Instagram: @hummingbirdculinary.

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