Letter to vendors & suppliers of personal care products

January 7, 2009

To manufacturers, brokers and distributors of personal care products:

At PCC Natural Markets we’re committed to offering customers the highest quality and safest products available. We have advocated high standards for the natural foods we sell but it has been challenging to ensure standards for personal care products.

The Natural Products Association (NPA) has provided clear direction by issuing a standard for what ingredients are acceptable or not in “natural” personal care products.

I’m writing to ask you to join us in supporting the NPA natural standard by signing the Health & body care PCC supplier agreement (PDF) verifying that the products you supply to PCC are in full compliance.

We understand you may have questions about the NPA natural standard and realize that some products may need to be reformulated to comply. We also understand that reformulating takes time.

For more information, please read the news release (dated January 7, 2009) which also has NPA contact information for help on technical questions. Also see the document Natural Products Association Standard and Certification for Personal Care Products, download the PDF.

The deadline for signing and returning the agreement is January 1, 2010. After that date, products not covered by an agreement may be discontinued.

Please note that the NPA natural standard has been developed in part so manufacturers can benefit from the value of a certified “natural” seal on their product labels. However, we’re not requiring that you obtain NPA certification, only that you verify in writing your compliance with the NPA natural standard.

Thank you very much for joining PCC in this effort to ensure that our customers find only the most natural personal care products on our shelves. Our partnership with you has helped PCC grow into the largest natural foods cooperative in the United States and we very much appreciate your support.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Wendy McLain
Health and Beauty Aids Merchandiser
206-547-1222, ext. 144