What’s new about this year’s ballot?

Each year there are three seats open for election to PCC’s board of trustees. In years where there are more than three candidates, the three candidates with the most member votes are elected (PCC Bylaws section 2.6.3(b)). If you voted last year, you saw a ballot listing four candidates; the three who received the most votes were elected. This year three candidates were nominated for the three open seats. When the number of candidates on the ballot is the same as the number of open seats, members have the ability to vote “for” or “against” each candidate, which is why you see boxes to vote “for” or “against” on this year’s ballot (Bylaws section 2.6.3(a)). A candidate is elected if he or she receives more “for” votes than “against” votes. If a candidate is not elected, the board may choose, with the nominating committee’s recommendation, to appoint someone to the open seat. That person would serve only until the next year’s election, and that person would be elected to serve the remaining two years of the term only if he or she receives more “for” votes than “against ” votes in that election.

For more on PCC’s member-elected nominating committee and the nominating process, please see: PCC’s Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws.