Board responsibilities

PCC’s board is legally responsible by statute, and its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, for the overall direction of the affairs and the performance of PCC. The board carries out this legal responsibility by establishing broad policy, and by monitoring management within the framework of these broad policy guidelines.

Specifically, the Board of Trustees:

  • Elects board officers
  • Selects the Chief Executive Officer and evaluates performance
  • Approves the long-range plan and annual plan
  • Approves capital and corporate expense budgets
  • Monitors the organization’s operating performance
  • Determines the distribution of profits
  • Monitors the performance of the employee pension plan
  • Reviews and amends PCC’s governance policies, practices and documents

The Board of Trustees operates by committee. Read each committee’s charter by clicking the links below:

The Board of Trustees generally meets four times per year. Committees meet more frequently, with the number of meetings depending on the committee. The annual members’ meeting is typically held in the spring in Seattle. This annual meeting is a time for members to meet the Board of Trustees and senior management, hear the results of the annual election of trustees, and understand the co-op’s efforts to create a cooperative, sustainable environment for our members and patrons in which the natural and organic supply chains thrive.