A message from your board

PCC 2016 Annual Report

During 2016, your board’s commitment to PCC’s economic success and environmental and social responsibility has continued to move our cooperative forward as a strong, values-driven business. We believe PCC’s success comes from our loyal members, customers, employees and other stakeholders who together support these shared values.

Annual total sales increased to $277 million. Over $4.8 million in member discounts were returned to members, and member equity grew by 16% to $55 million. PCC opened its Bothell store, its eleventh, and it announced plans for new stores in West Seattle and Madison Valley.

Your board continued its support of the PCC Farmland Trust, which continues to be a major recipient of contributions from PCC. Through our Scrip program, PCC donated over $200,000 to schools and community organizations that members have chosen to support.

The board’s 2016 retreat with senior management centered on what success looks like for PCC, and it helped serve as a foundation for strategic direction and planning. Your board has been focused on ensuring PCC meets the needs of our community by remaining on a path of sustainable growth while upholding the shared values of our membership.

We are grateful for the overwhelming support from members in approving PCC’s refreshed Bylaws. In addition to helping ensure our co-op remains on a path towards a healthy future, the new Bylaws are making PCC more accountable to members in its commitment to environmental and social responsibilities through the delivery of a new, annual cooperative purposes report. Keep an eye out for the 2016 report later this year.

With your continued support and involvement in our co-op, PCC is positioned for future success. We sincerely thank you for your support during 2016, and for the opportunity to serve you.

Julianne Lamsek,
Chair, PCC Board of Trustees